If you continue to leave your nest egg in your checking account without interest, you are making a mistake. Offers like Consorsbank’s new top interest rate may not beat inflation, but they are far better than nothing.

After ING was the first provider to break the interest rate barrier of two percent for overnight money, Consorsbank followed suit shortly before Christmas. With 2.1 percent, Consors is now offering the highest interest rate in a call money comparison.

The promotional interest rate is guaranteed for six months at Consors, two months longer than at ING. In addition to the high interest rate, there are other pluses. In addition to the statutory protection for investments up to EUR 100,000, there is additional voluntary protection of a considerable amount. New customers can open their accounts at Consors from the sofa using video identification.

Open an overnight money account at the Consorsbank here

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Important difference between Consorsbank and ING: ING limits the top interest rate to deposits of up to EUR 50,000, while Consorsbank applies the promotional interest rate to unlimited credit balances.

Both banks are not only covered by the German state deposit insurance up to EUR 100,000, but also by the deposit protection fund of the Association of German Banks. This means that even higher credit balances of one million euros and more are theoretically secured.

The only drop of bitterness: Existing customers have not (yet) benefited from the new top conditions. Since December 6, ING has given you 0.3 percent on the call money, and Consors will only increase the call money rate for its existing customers to 0.3 percent in January.

Customers with fixed-term deposit offers can realize even higher interest rates with a comparatively short term. The Coop Bank from Estonia even offers 2.55 percent with a term of only six months. In Germany, Bank11 offers 1.75 percent for the same term. Bank 11 even offers 2.30 percent for a term of twelve months, and 2.85 percent for 24 months. The interest rates mentioned apply to credit balances from new customers of up to EUR 250,000.

To the Bank11 offer

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