A bachelorette party in Las Vegas ends in an unexpected argument. How much should a party-goer pay if she hasn’t had anything to drink?

A restaurant bill of several hundred dollars causes an uproar in a wedding party. A woman reported this on the platform Reddit, which is used by millions of people. She writes that she was celebrating a bachelorette party in Las Vegas with a group. It ended in an argument.

The 32-year-old woman opened up about her unpleasant experience on Reddit. According to her report, she had not drunk alcohol since college, a fact known to all her friends. On the night of the bachelorette party, she ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail and a water – together these drinks cost 20 to 25 dollars (23 euros).

The women had previously agreed to split the bill at the club they were visiting. However, the 32-year-old assumed that this would only apply to the dishes she ate. Her friends, however, ordered two bottles of champagne and a few cocktails, and the bill came to a considerable sum. After the event, she was sent a payment request for $470, which shocked her.

“We agreed to split the bill, but I took it to mean that it was about the food,” the woman claims in her text. When she refused to pay the full amount and insisted on only taking her share – the non-alcoholic cocktail – an argument broke out.

“She says that everyone was quite drunk and no one really remembers what everyone drank,” the woman writes in her text. Another participant argued that she, the highest earner in the group, should just pay and consider it fair.

However, she feels taken advantage of and argues that she only owes about $60 to $70 (approximately 65 euros) of the bill, not to mention that the total amount being asked of her is the cost of her plane tickets and hotel stays in Vegas exceeds.

Most people on Reddit agree with the woman who ultimately decided to call the restaurant and ask how much she owed. She has now transferred these – including a share for the bride. But she hasn’t heard from the other party participants yet. 

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