the Project was presented at the last international film festival “Berlinale” at the Berlinale Talents program in the section of the Doc Station, in which was shown working on documentary films in various stages of completion.

Alexander’s Fist was born in Belarus, graduated from physical-mathematical school at St. Petersburg state University. He studied at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dreamed of becoming a physicist. But the road led to the Department of kinofotoinstituta Saint-Petersburg University of culture. And then it developed as has developed. She is 30 years old.

– Already in the second year of University I realized that immensely want to be an operator, said Alexandra. – It so happened that at this time the Moscow school of new cinema gave grants for studying on the operating Department, the course recruited Oleg Lukichev. Have sent portfolio, passed the exam and received. Then my friend Ruslan Fedotov took off the first joint short film “Christmas.” After that we began to call on different projects. Apparently, I needed operators atelevision with a fresh look.

Probably the most beautiful film of Alexandra Kulak – “Salamanca”. The tape of the closed Mexican religious village, I with the great pleasure watched in 2015 at the Minsk International film festival “Listapad”. I could not believe that this is a documentary, not a feature film — so graceful and unforgettable work of the operator.

the Russian-French project “Hawk the size of a horse” tells about the Russian ornithologist living in a small town near Moscow. One day he decides to create a fantasy world based on the mythology of “twin peaks” Director David Lynch.

David Lynch creates alternate worlds that are sometimes more real than reality itself. It shows the natural world as he perceives it.

In the list of grant recipients also included the film Maestro documentary movie by Frederick Wiseman “town Hall” and well-known documentary filmmakers Marco Williams “Killings that have value” and Edwin Martinez “Monster storm”.