An old hoax to take the round on WhatsApp. You will get a message warning of the Martinelli-video, as well as an update to WhatsApp Too, you can send it to. It refers to nothing.

in This message, the lap (read below more). .

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first of all, there is no Martinelli video, and WhatsApp, Gold has neither. In the post, after which nothing, and will last for many years. As to why the post is now re-routed, it remains to be seen. You have to do it, then you have to pay for a quiet death to die, and no unnecessary worry.

More about this WhatsApp messenger is A quarter of the population of the world is using WhatsApp, more and More users, but will also cost you more for Facebook, WhatsApp might be from the 1st of February, not more, on millions of smart phones, WhatsApp have been banned by the united nations