He wanted to go, now he’s gone: NBA superstar Kyrie Irving ends his time in Brooklyn and is now playing in Dallas. With the Nets, Kevin Durant is pretty much on his own now. A TV expert feels sorry for him.

A few days before the trade deadline, the NBA world is rocked by a spectacular exchange. The often-divisive Kyrie Irving is leaving Brooklyn for the Mavericks in Dallas in exchange for multiple players and draft picks. Now superstar Kevin Durant has no other exceptional talents in Brooklyn – not so long ago he still had James Harden and Irving next to him.

Last summer, Durant himself withdrew his request for a trade in hopes he would play for the championship with his co-star Irving. Things were going pretty well in Brooklyn lately, too, until Irving caught the league off guard (again) and demanded a trade out of Brooklyn.

Durant has yet to officially comment on Irving’s behavior and the trade, but the two-time NBA Finals MVP was reportedly also surprised that it happened.

Many basketball pundits now feel sorry for Durant and say he should never have left the successful Golden State Warriors just a few years ago. NBA analyst and ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith says Durant will always be associated with leaving Stephen Curry and joining Kyrie Irving.

Originally posted by OpenCourt Basketball, the NBA feels pity, shock and astonishment after the Kyrie Irving quake.