The engineer is non-existent. The content of the job may differ materially. The catholic university of Leuven, distinguishes between three types of engineering.

the Researchers, from the university of Leuven, Leuven, defined, in cooperation with foreign universities and research institutions, three are engineering-types, depending on their job. Using the online, Prefer the tool to students, and find them to be the best. They will also provide feedback on non-technical skills that are required for a certain role. It’s going to be these three:

Who is an engineer, has often this role is to in front of me. New product development, which is also what the engineer is doing. However, it may not be for more advanced processes, and ideas. The innovation engineer is to be creative and to look with an open mind and a vision of what the market has to offer.

This engineering is improving in a very small part in a larger system. The reliability and efficiency, is the goal. The optimised structural engineer will take the initiative, to keep an overview in stressful situations, and it is very much in development.

This engineering is, as the term does suggest a close connection with its customers, for which it solutions are tailor-made considering. The customer engineer is empathetic, flexible, strong in negotiation.