The nature is awakening from the winter sleep. Crocuses and snowdrops are in bloom in the gardens, and also tulips and daffodils grow in the height. This first colorful heralds of spring bring joy. Balcony or garden furniture are cleaned already, you can now stream time with family and friends, the barbecue, or relaxing in the spring sunshine to read.

Who doesn’t have a garden, with flowers such as primroses, pansies and Hyacinths in flower boxes and pots a little spring on your own window sill.

After the winter quarter, not in the blazing sun

balcony and pot plants can now be fetched from the winter quarters, cut back and, if necessary, be repotted. In frost-protected locations, for example close to the house wall, may be less sensitive Outdoor plants placed. With Oleander and citrus trees and geraniums, but should still be waiting until about April. “It is important for all plants, that they not be made to the winter quarters directly at the sun, but gently, to the new light and temperature conditions are accustomed,” says the self-employed gardener, Mario Meier from Schöfflisdorf. In addition, attention should be paid to the fact that the plants have no pests. If you need to, you need to be treated accordingly.

The right plants cut

Now is also a good time to set out fruit trees or berry bushes. In the cold frame can be set in addition, tomatoes, celery, hot Peppers, Kohlrabi, eggplant, lettuce, flowers – as well as white cabbage, Broccoli and Basil. The plants of lavender, hydrangea or Hibiscus in the spring is also the time. Be sure to different varieties. Not every location is suitable. It is also important that appropriate potting soil is used. Anyone who is uncertain, asking in the trade market.

roses and shrubs that bloom in late summer, as well as evergreen grasses need to be in the March of a rear-section. Also, hedges should be cut and thinned out. Fruit trees can now be the last time to cut back before they bear flowers. Who has raspberries in the garden and lots of berries to harvest, this cut is also still strong. Gardener Meier: “It is important to ensure a clean cut with a well sharpened scissors or saws, in order for the interfaces to shrubs and trees to heal well,” explains gardener Meier. The cut should be done according to the gardener is always inclined.

lawn care in the spring

anyone Who has a garden with a lawn, you can mow in dry days and the weather is fine the lawn for the first time in about four inches. Foliage, Branches and grass should be removed cut. Ideally, after the Winter, and the first grass cutting is also equal to vertikutiert. A slow-release fertilizer for the lawn completes the maintenance and provides the lawn with the necessary nutrients. Any bald Spots in the lawn can now be sown. The earth should be pressed to be loosened in the appropriate place before the grass seed is distributed, and with a little water watered. Important: The next time you cut the grass, the freshly seeded areas must not be cut.

inspirations at the Giardina

to Whom this whole work in the garden, too laborious, or who has no time, leaving the gardener. It may be useful to leave once in a year the gardening professionals. Up in autumn, there are enough regular garden work such as lawn mowing, weeding and watering, so that the own garden or the terrace looks well-tended and a joy. Obtaining various offers and a price comparison is worthwhile. Some gardeners also offer their services in the subscription.

Who is on the lookout for new ideas for the garden or terrace design, can from 13. to 17. March at the Giardina in 2019 in the Messe Zürich in the garden of professionals for inspiration. Mario Meier: “Giardina is about the start in the gardening season. After the garden fair requests from customers, the new ideas for the garden or the terrace of us to implement, or your garden again in shot to bring pile up.”