Back in the 90’s amerikanska telecommunications company Frontier Communications has conducted a study among 100 countries in the world on the subject of what movies of the 1990-ies often search for in search engines in different countries. The most popular film was “Forrest Gump” (1992), they were most interested in 22 States, including Turkey, Armenia, Lithuania, Israel and Thailand. What other films are looking for in different countries — in the material “Kommersant”. Not slap us pornoshemalesextube of Americans who consume alcohol believe that drinking at the weekend not have to wait for evening. According to YouGov, one in five thinks that it’s okay to grab a drink before noon. The survey was conducted among 2.7 thousand adult residents of the United States. The most popular time for the first weekend of drink was noon, it was chosen 16% of respondents. Read more about this in the article “Kommersant”.Expensive of Naboo fresh data Asterank database, accumulating information about the asteroids, the cost of the most expensive space object in the Solar system in excess of $15 quintillion (a trillion is a one with eighteen zeros). The asteroid of David, built in 1903, has a diameter of 326 miles and is one of the most massive celestial bodies in the asteroid Belt, located between Mars and Jupiter. What are the objects still hit the top in the material “Kommersant”.Not the place to make cloveciahlava study conducted by Uswitch, around 18.5 million people in the UK (57%) worked from home since the start of the national quarantine. While in isolation, 45% of Britons used as a workstation, dining table, 40%, sofa, and 25% of his bed. Where else worked for the British in the context of pandemic — in the material “Kommersant”. Andrew Egupets, Lion Kislyak, Eugene Fedorenko, Olga Shkurenko