the Message of horrified hundreds of thousands of theater fans both in Russia and abroad. It was another signal of distress that befell the theatre community all over the world. “Kolyada-theatre” is not just a talented troupe, but also a phenomenon in cultural life, is the Ural school of playwrights, Directors and actors, it’s festivals and competitions, is a whole layer of art, created by the talent of Nikolai Kolyada for two decades and already included in the history.

“There were some areas that were affected by the pandemic more than anything, and one of them is culture. How to help theater companies that are not on the state, but are important phenomena of Russian culture?” so begins an open letter published in the “Facebook” of the Moscow theatre “Helikon-Opera”. “Unique “Kolyada-theatre” in Ekaterinburg has become a Mecca for theatergoers across the country – write the authors of the letter, Director Dmitry Bertman and his colleagues in “Helikon-Opera”. – This theatre is making history of modern art. On its annual tour in Moscow halls crammed! But now the theater was in a terrible situation when his very existence is under threat. Like no, he needs support.”

the Situation is typical. Desperate spin-off of “Kolyada-theatre” the Center of modern drama. He has several years gives its performances in a rented room, but to pay the rent nothing, not to mention the salaries of 17 staff members. It tells the artistic Director of tssd, a student of Nikolai Kolyada Anton Butakov, “rent is our main problem: we are four months pay and risk of being on the street. The landlords treat us very humanly, for which they thank you very much, but the debts are already going wild for a million. Had some savings, but they were gone in the first month. Trying to earn online – we have a large online program in social networks, show recordings of performances, concerts given, earned goes to the artists: yesterday issued 4 thousand per month actors get to 10 thousand. They are looking for additional work are couriers, etc. the Work goes on round the clock: looking for money grants, but to no avail. Rehearse: after all, once this is all over! But things have went well, there were many planned tours and festivals, including foreign ones, invitations are even now. Probably, immediately after the opening of the theatre two years ago we had to start to save for a rainy day, now to survive, but who would have expected this! We responded very quickly, quickly moved to the online format, but the situation is, frankly, a stalemate”.

As you know, the state theatres is the government, private, and their country already much, were forgotten – with the exception of circuses and institutions that work with animals. About W��animals taken care of is a good and humane, but in private theatres are seriously troubled people, and they are day by day losing hope.

to Help a loved theatres are trying the whole world: in the words of Christmas carols, sending fifty, a hundred rubles, some a thousand, are going to help famous artists, sending from personal funds but who can. In an open letter to the rector of the Russian Academy of music after Gnesins Professor, Dean Kirnarskaya timely recalls the famous patrons that have stayed in history as Industrialists, businessmen, movers and shakers, and as patrons of art: “the Name Medici is synonymous only with the art of the Renaissance, the widow von Meck didn’t know anybody, don’t give it a helping hand to Tchaikovsky, and industrialist Solomon R. Guggenheim remembered only in the name of the Museum in his name”… Even in the most difficult years of Soviet power “leading comrades understood that culture is a source of prestige and money for the state. In these times when image is everything, the prestige more than money, and it originates from Gergiev and Netrebko, Matsuev and Repin, Zakharova and Vishneva, Sokurov and Zvyagintsev, pieces of silver, and Currentzis, Bertman and Chernyakov… come to think of it, making lists of the constituent companies”. Thus ends the letter known artists, sent in our troubled world as a reminder that rake in a storm, we can only all together. Helping each other by throwing the drowning life preserver and protecting all that expensive heart and soul that was and will be vital to us.