On the First channel will premiere of the program “To the country!” with Natasha Barbier. In terms of quarantine and isolation the Russians rushed in the suburban areas, and those who don’t, for rent country houses for the summer. In the new project Natasha Barbier will tell you how to quickly tidy up the house and garden. How to build a greenhouse where to find mobile bath how to make your own pond or even a pool, how to make a garden or create a garden. In the first editions of the program, it will help the rose Syabitova to break into a Japanese garden, and Elena Proklova erect a greenhouse and will give important advice on landscape design. Alexander Gordon will create an unusual flower beds, but for Helen Galuskinas completely redone the garden plot. In addition, the program will be given valuable advice from gardeners biologists, landscape designers and other professionals, as well as a master class handmade – viewers will learn quickly and your hands to create more items for the home and garden.

channel, may 23, 13.40

the Documentary “bill Wyman. The quiet of the rolling stones” will show the First channel. This painting – a chance to see the inside of the UPS and downs in the life and career of bill Wyman, one of the founders of the Rolling Stones and the leaders of the revival of rock ‘ n ‘ roll. Bill from childhood kept a detailed diary and wrote in it the events of each day. He shot many hours of video, which until now remained unknown, made thousands of photos and collected a huge amount of collectible items. The creators of the film “The quiet of the rolling stones” failed to obtain exclusive access to this collection, including the first moments of the band the Rolling Stones.

channel, may 22, 00.10

Friends-poets, enthusiastic women, the love of your life Marina Basmanova, two psychiatric hospitals, interrogations in the KGB, the people’s court, prison, exile, forced emigration. All of this is the Leningrad of Brodsky. The biography which, in the words of Akhmatova, doing “our redhead”. June 4, 1972, when a plane with Brodsky climbed over the airport “Pulkovo”, the biography is over. And began life in the homeland of the poet is not known almost nothing. It is described in the film “Brodsky is not a poet.” The author of the film Nikolay Kartozia says: “America and Russia are the main countries Brodsky. But only in his beloved Italy, you suddenly realize that Joseph A., our contemporary, otklikalsya on mobile, actually lived like BC and came to us in translations from Latin. It became a classic during his lifetime”. The second author Anton Zhelnov adds: “Our main goal is to show the West the emergence of Brodsky. His transformation from a Soviet emigrant in writer and public figure of world renown…”. Russia, America, Italy, Sweden, Finland – the authors of the film follow your hero, the most travelling of sun��x Russian writers. The place that became his biography. And people that determined the fate.

the First channel 24 may at 23.10

a New series in the genre of melodrama “Broken mirror” will show the channel “Russia-1”. When found, twenty years later the bag of the postman found preserved letters, Dasha finds out that her beloved man, Oleg, who was believed dead, is actually alive. If Dora received this letter in time, she would not have married unloved, and her whole life would have been different. Dasha decides to find out what actually happened many years ago. Unraveling the old mystery, she learns that her entourage – husband, best friend, even brother – not those who she thought they were. She has to find Oleg at any cost! Starring: Ekaterina Guseva, Alexander Lazarev-younger, Alexey Makarov, Stanislav Doinikov, Alla Budnitskaya, Ekaterina Volkova, Vladimir Gostyukhin, and others.

“Russia-1”, may 18, 21.20

the Premiere of the documentary “the Actor’s fate. Great brawlers” will be held on the channel “TV Center” on may 21 at 23:10. They staged epic battles on the frontier, and despised their loyal fans, they drove to the horror of colleagues and venerable Directors. They were called genius, but working with them was almost impossible. Mikhail Svetin didn’t want to play in the episodes, even the masters of the Soviet cinema. Yevgeny Morgunov did not recognize any authority. Rolan Bykov was suffering from Napoleon complex. Sergey Filippov could not stand the familiarity of fans. Nikolai Gritsenko crazy partners on the set and itself. Famous actors and no less famous brawlers. What made them again and again to get out of yourself? The film involved the Director Alla Surikov, Boris Grachevsky, actors Mikhail Boyarsky, Vladimir Ershov, Simon Strugachev, Semyon Morozov, Elena Drapeko, Mikhail Vaskov, the composer Maxim Dunayevsky and others.

“TV Center”, may 21, 23.10

NTV will premiere the action-Packed detective “Admiral district”. In a major shopping center in the heart of the crime area of the city, the new Admiralty, a former interior Ministry Colonel Ignatiev their lives to prevent a terrorist attack. For the FSB and especially for the friend of the deceased major Andrew Devyatova the disclosure of this crime is a matter of honor. He goes on the trail of the alleged perpetrator of the attack, but during the chase for him is an accident in which falls the daughter of a local official and businessman Kruglov. He is seeking dismissal Devyatova from the FSB. Meanwhile, the leadership of the local police Department clearly condones and, obviously, mired in corruption. To prove this General Rubtsov need to assemble a new team, not involved in corruption, operatives. So there are “Admiral district”. The former head of DevataVA Starygin facilitate the transfer of his ward to the police to the post of chief UMVD the new Admiralty. So he becomes one of the “admirals of the district” and continues to investigate the case, however, now on the other side. Starring: Maxim Dahnenko, Eduard Flerov, Zaza Chanturia, Denis Vasiliev, Georgy Bolonev, Andrew Korovnichenko, Irina waltz and others.

NTV, 18 may, 21.00

on Saturday, may 23, marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of Vitaly Woolf. A brilliant translator, writer, literary critic, theater historian Vitaly Woolf was a unique storyteller. His program “My silver sphere” for more than twenty years rediscovered the great names, loved her millions of viewers of different generations. The Wolfe stories about prominent figures of culture, from the old masters of the Moscow art Theater to his contemporaries the well-known politicians and public figures created the impression of personal involvement of the author to everything what he says. Of course, most of his characters he knew personally, many he had a friendly relationship, but there was a feeling that he was familiar with each of them. The choice of characters wolf was very biased. He was interested in only the human drama, which found a response in his own soul, and his favorite artists, he was ready to defend it to the end, for which he was nicknamed “knight of the theater.” In memory of Vitaly Woolf, the TV channel “Russia To” come out of the program “My silver sphere” (18-22 may at 9.50, repeat – at 20.45), is devoted to the Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Eugene Evstigneeva, Natalia Fateeva and Tatiana Doronina, the films with the participation of these actors (from 18 to 22 may at 10: 35, repetition – 21.30) and the program “life Line” (may 23, 19.10).

under the heading “Masterpieces of world musical theatre” channel “Russia” will show the ballet “Giselle” staged by the choreographer Akram Khan in the troupe of “English national ballet”. The author of this production of the ballet “Giselle”, a famous modern choreographer. In his work he combined the technique of ancient Indian dance and contemporary choreography. The main character appears before the audience in a new way – female migrant. She knew the life, but retained the purity of the soul. It is also a story about the consequences of betrayal. In the production of nearly 100 artists. In the main roles: Tamara Rojo, James Streeter, Jeffrey Cirio, Stina Kueber. Music – Vincenzo Lamagna with original music by A. Adam. Directors – Akram Khan, Ross Macgibbon. Artist Tim Yip. The performance of “Giselle” was marked by many prestigious awards, including Lawrence Olivier awards in London.

“Russia”, may 24, 22.00

Channel “Yu” has started its broadcast a series of short exercises together with the network of fitness clubs World Class. Coverage of the first five editions of the project “Piotro” amounted to 600 thousand people. Daily at 9: 00 the audience is waiting for baudParadise charge by the best coaches. And most importantly, to practice does not require any sports gadgets – enough presence of the house only the TV. Stretching, functional training and exercises for all muscle groups – it’s fifteen minutes of vivacity, energy and of course, joy. Toned muscles and flexibility the authors of the program promise as a gift.

TV Channel “Yu” from may 18, 09.00

On the channel “Home” starts a new pool of premiere issues of popular legal projects “let’s divorce” and “paternity Test”, devoted to the popular topic of alimony. The child’s father refuses to pay child support? When divorce threatens to take away children? Does not recognize his paternity and does not want to take responsibility? What to do in such a difficult situation, I will suggest “Home” in the legal show “let’s divorce” and “paternity Test”. Together with the participants of the program call to order irresponsible husbands and fathers leading lawyer Catherine Torkunov and the lawyer Ekaterina Romanova.

“Home”, may 18, 08.05

ТНТ4 will premiere the first improvisational show phone prank “to Phone”.

According to the cellular operators, in terms of isolation, the number of ordinary voice calls increased on average by 20%, and especially video calls hit record – their popularity has increased two to three times. But calls can be not only for communication but also as a way to laugh. In the show “the Phone” two members put each other task: to call a certain number and in a conversation use a set of pre-prepared absurd phrases before on the other end will hang up. For example, to order food for the Wake and have to use the phrase “the name of the king”, “the fight for sausage”, “my little Egorka”, “punch fatalities”, “Edward Leopoldovich Hose”. Tell them all not to laugh yourself is a really difficult task. To try the prank will be famous comedians and stars. Andrew Beburishvili call to book a tour through Belarus for any money, Rustam Reptilians hire a dwarf riding on the dog’s birthday, Daniel Cross apply for a course stand-to joke as Daniel Cross and Garik Kharlamov tries to break into the art world to pose naked. Maybe some of them will even call you. However, it is not necessary to repeat the phone pranks, if you are a comedian and you do not show in the show “the Phone”.

ТНТ4, 18 may at 23.00

TNT on may 18 will start the show with a nostalgic project, “Peace! Friendship! Gum!”. Previously, the series was only available on the video service Premier/ Series reinterprets what happened in the 90s, while leaving the choice of interpretation to the viewer. In the project a lot of humor in life and absurdist situational. The comic was created by Director Ilya Aksenov (“On the edge”) by identifying the conflict of fathers and childreny, polar views, concepts and systems of values

TNT, may 18, 22.00

Exclusive subscription online cinema Kinopoisk HD may 18 will be a new season of children’s animated series “Smeshariki” in a 2D format from a group of companies “Riki”. The season premiere of the classic “Smeshariki” will take place ten years after the release of the previous. Viewers are waiting for new adventures of favorite characters from Chamomile valley: Barash, Crumbling, Nyusha, Kopatych, Losyash and others. In total, the new season is 52 episodes. Simultaneously with the premiere of the MMORPG HD will be baby profile with personal recommendations, tailored to the age and interests of the child. Directory cartoons and TV shows profile will be regularly updated with new products. All past seasons of “Militarycom” and “Smeshariki” is also available on the online platform.

Kinopoisk HD, may 18

a New series Okko Studios, which will be released on the online platform 19 may, filmed based on the book “Do not disrurb. Notes of a hotelier” Younis Teymurkhanli. The book is devoted to unusual stories associated with the life of the boutique hotel and its guests. The shooting took place in the hotel “Helvetia”. The Director of the series “notes of a hotelier” – Radda Novikova, known for his work on the series “Interns” and “Invaders”. The main character was played by Ilya Korobko, known for his role as hockey player Misha Ponomarev in the series “Junior”. In the new series Okko Studios also starred journalist and broadcaster Michael Nevzorov, the artist Pokras Lampas and star of “Real boys” and “Comedy Woman” Marina Fedunkiv. Also in “memoirs of a hotelier,” you can see Irina Temicheva, who played in the Thriller “Photo for memory” and the TV series “Kitchen” favorite theater Cristina Abels and Catherine Zorin, honored artist of Russia Artur Vakha and Ivan Parshin, known for the TV series “Sea Devils”.

OKKO, may 19

fans of the TV series “the Bridge” will be continued: on may 22, will premiere on the video service Start. Only in the second season of ten episodes, and the project will be published in a vertical format – one episode per week.

the First season of the television channel NTV showed in 2018. “The bridge” – an adaptation of the popular eponymous Swedish-Danish series (Bron/Broen). The plot on the bridge between Estonia and Russia find a corpse. The Estonian-Russian joint investigation Maksym Kazantsev (Mikhail Porechenkov) and Inga of Veermaa (Ingeborga Dapkunaite). In the new season in support of the St. Petersburg dam hits the boat on the deck which is located mannequins – male, female and two children. But rescuers discover that instead of the female dummy corpse Martha Undersea Consul of Estonia. For the investigation of this crime Kazantsev and Veermaa once again to unite. The second season was directed by Maxim Vasilenko, first – Konstantin Statskiy. As recognized Julia Sumacheva, producer of the project, “styling the seasons Budut to differ, and to see the main characters of the first season through the eyes of another Director seemed to us an interesting course.”

Start, may 22