Followers of Olga Buzova caught her in lies after revelations about the difficult past.

According to “Express Newspaper”, recently Buzova stated that he knows what it means to work for little money. She reminded that everything in life has made their work and added that during his studies at the University worked as a cleaner to make ends meet.

Buzova justified for a drunken ether

However, fans did not believe the stories about the difficult past and remembered that at the age of 17 Buzova has been the star of “House-2”.

“Yes, when You swept the streets? What nonsense You write?”, “What streets? You in 17 years was sitting on "the House-2"”, “As I recall, You grew up in a wealthy family,” wrote the singer in the comments.

According to information from open sources, Olga Buzova was born in Leningrad in a military family and dentist. He graduated from the geographical faculty of St. Petersburg state University. At the age of 18 years came on the TV show “Dom-2”, where he spent 4 years as a member of the project. In 2008, he became the leading “House-2”.

Earlier, the “Rambler” wrote that His expressed support for gay, lesbian and transgender people. She said that no amount of propaganda can cause a person to change the orientation, and opposed a bill prohibiting the adoption of children by persons of the same sex, including transgender, as well as marriages between them.