He threatens with the No-Deal-Brexit, sent to the Parliament in the forced pause, grinning, as this is all just a prank was. While Boris Johnson (55) has the future of the United Kingdom in the Hand. Where does the self consciousness, the British Prime Minister on the day?

Longtime observers have an answer for this: of the elite private school, who has visited Johnson. The boys boarding school Eton College in the English County of Berkshire is the preferred location for wealthy families to have their children train.

the Perfect conditions for a political career

“The three things: eye-catching Behaviour, rhetorical brilliance, and a huge Ego,” says the St. Galler historian Caspar Hirschi. In College, she learned later, the Drink. “Everything is perfectly suited for a political career.”

Boris Johnson is already the 20. The Prime Minister, who has visited Eton. “The UK is ruled by a small, privileged Elite,” says Hirschi, who has taught as a lecturer at the elite University of Cambridge, former private student. Prince Harry (34) has attended Eton, as well as Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron (52).

With him is a friend of Johnson’s allegedly. However, it is no secret that Johnson’s conflict with his rival in school had a slide of the British into the Brexit-Chaos. London’s popular Ex-mayor was on the side of the outlet supporter, as he sensed the Brexit Referendum, the Chance of Cameron as Prime Minister, to replace.

13 Johnson, had a disturbing tendency

“Johnson is an unpredictable political Clown, the Brexit is for him only a means to an end,” says Caspar Hirschi. The man with the blond Haarmopp just wanted to exercise one of three things: “Power, his opponents humiliate and good entertainment.”

With 13 Johnson came to Eton. Even then, he was occurred great lanes, revealed to be an Ex-classmate in an article. Johnson had to put a “link self-confidence” to the day – and a “worrying tendency to an imminent self-injury, gave one the feeling that the Boy had just been let out of a psychiatric facility dismissed”.

Because of Eton have Cameron and Johnson have much in common

What kind of a person someone who feels so young to a Higher calling is? The need to overcome due to his wealth, his education and his parents ‘ house little resistance?

“So someone will be overestimated slightly, and when he has a responsibility to say things, not be pressured, the more he can control it,” historian Hirschi. “That was when Cameron and is now in Johnson’s no different. Both are spoiled Cowboys, who never had to face the music that they do.”

On Thursday, the Premier stressed that he will keep to his Plan, the EU at 31. To leave October. “From Johnson’s point of view, is good for the country, what keeps him in Power. A No-Deal Crash seems to be the most promising,” says Hirschi. Because then the Prime Minister could say that he had delivered the promised Brexit “”. The risks to the economy were the well-trained politicians don’t care. “The damage is there, he can still make the EU responsible.”