the Russian military physicians and specialists of biological defense have completed Italian campaign. Six weeks of daily battles with the coronavirus in the Italian region Lombardy and province of Brescia behind. Our military have returned home.

the Russian aid to the Italians is quite tangible. A lot of boarding houses for the elderly, hundreds of buildings and premises, which have been totally treated for deadly virus with disinfectant solutions. That’s miles and miles of Italian roads and streets, which drove our watering emergency vehicles. Tens of Italians, which we have helped to recover.

the Italians grateful. About it in telephone conversation with the President of Russia said the Prime Minister of Italy. The Minister of war of the Republic called Shoigu also expressed his appreciation.

Perhaps, just this humanly very understandable reaction to Italian politicians feared some of their colleagues from NATO countries. Remember how alarmed in Poland, the news about the Russian humanitarian troops in the Apennines? Demanded an explanation. If it was about the landing of the airborne division.


the Answer is simple. The selfless help needy Italians in it turns into nothing myths about an aggressive Russia, which sleeps and sees how would hurt Europe.

of Course, to quickly get rid of myths, who for years hammered the Europeans, is unlikely. But the courage and dedication of working in a dangerous epidemiological conditions of the Russian military helped to make a small step towards trust and understanding.

Some positive signs there. Recently, for example, Sergei Shoigu spoke by phone with French defense Minister Florence Parlee. Discussed the fight against COVID-2019. But not only that. Talked about the military cooperation and arms control. Previous contact was in September of last year. Agreed on the mutual visits of military ships, cooperation in military education.

Clear progress. Especially if to remember that in 2014 France, like other NATO countries, froze military contacts with Russia, and besides refused to give her the helicopter carrier “Mistral”.

How do you want to common coronavirus trouble cleared poisoned with fake brains and helped to see where imaginary threats and actual, to separate truth from fiction. This world would benefit.