Even if the whole of Flanders is today seen as a machine to crawl, we get a shortage of surgical masks is not weggestikt. The doctors and nurses have been through such a mask is not protected. They have a special need. What is the difference between all the types of masks? As to why, it helps to the one of a mask is much better than the other.One expert puts it, The surgical mask: “The mask is for the sick,”

“These masks are to protect other people,” says Peter Meyer. He is a sales manager at Uvex Safety, is a company that specializes in the sale of protective equipment. “The doctors and nurses are wearing them, in order to ensure that the germs or the microbes that are they are out, patients are not at risk. It is also useful to wear when you are sick. In order to reduce the risk that others will become infected. The other way round does not work: these are masks to filter the air that you breath in, do it.”

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virologist is in order, Steven Van Gucht, stressed several times during the daily press conference on the coronacijfers: wear a face mask on the street makes no sense. It offers to the wearer, and even create a false sense of security. However, drawing a lot of Flemish people, and behind their sewing machines with self-fabric screens in each organization. “I have my doubts about the effectiveness of these homemade masks’. Surgical masks have to meet the standards and are given a seal of approval. The home-made masks, as we do not know how well they will protect you.”