While a pendulum in front of the eyes gently back and forth, is starting to slowly get tired and drift into a state somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. So most of a hypnosis session. Hypnotist, transformation coach, and “soul dancer”, the founder of the Momo-J. Leuenberger (39) explains in an interview with the VIEW: “These prejudices are based on false notions that we have people because of stage hypnosis. There, people are not often treated always according to ethical, moral principles. This encourages prejudices and Fears about hypnosis. In truth, it is in a hypnosis therapy but so, reduce Fears and to strengthen.” It was about not want to loose the robot is at the mercy of the hypnotist. Hypnosis is based always on their own free will.

The prejudice against hypnosis would be force-fed us, but early on, such as Leuenberger and white. We like to remind us of disney’s “the jungle book” where the snake Kaa hypnotizes the boy Mowgli. “The Whole thing takes on a negative connotation and we are shaped from small on already,” said the Hypnotherapist.

The contemporary shaman, how Leuenberger calls himself, explains that it is not always a pendulum is necessary. “The idea of using a pendulum hypnotized, something Classic. There are not but also the modern hypnosis, where you needed tools.” There, you will work with the communication or with the Hand or the fingers.

hypnosis for anxiety

Leuenberger fight leads to the conditions for hypnosis: “relaxation, confidence and will. Only if you engage holistically in the process, it can also be an effect.” You should stand in front of the Whole skeptical – do nothing. But it will and trust should be present.

What can be treated in one session, and everything? “This can apply to very different topics. For one, awareness, or efficiency, you can even strengthen. Fears, phobias or addictions can be treated: fear of flying, or Smoking cessation are Old classic examples,” says the 39 -. Also, weight reduction or gain can be treated in one session.

From the trained stage dancer for the Hypnotist

On the question of how one comes to hypnosis, responds Leuenberger: “I had to fight a long time ago with a severe impairment and realized that I had to look for new, alternative Ways.” In 2008, Leuenberger as a trained stage dancer was working. Because she suffered from severe hay fever to Asthma and no sports or professional dance, wanted to change the current hypnotherapist anything. “Through hypnosis, I was able to resolve the Asthma. In all chronic stories it’s often about emotions, which arose originally in the Childhood you can work well with hypnosis.”

In a hypnosis session to be overwritten imprints from Childhood “new”. Until at the age of twelve years, most of the main imprints that affect us into adulthood arise. Since beliefs and patterns would not occur, they are always so positive, how Leuenberger is running. “This can hinder us later. With hypnosis this can be edited.” While hypnosis is a communication process with the subconscious mind where the Conscious, to the side and dimmed is taken. So we get to the subconscious, which is where then with different processes make a difference can.

What intrigued the 39-Year-old most about your work: “The self-empowerment that I give to my clients on the way. With all what I have to offer, I am striving, I’m gonna give you all a Tool, with which you can work at home on your theme.” Leuenberger offers not only hypnosis therapy. She is also a masseuse, Aura and spiritual Life Coach and teaches Yoga. Your goal is to look at a person, always in a holistic way and the areas beyond the body meet.

science 2016 first studied brain activity during a Trance

in 2016, the medical faculty of the U.S. Stanford University have led a study that for the first time, the brain activity during a trance state, mass. Out of 545 healthy participants were selected 36 persons were particularly well-hypnotizable. 21 participants acted as a control group, the sections, in the case of the mesmerizing ability is rather poor. The remaining candidates were all, on average, hypnotizable, and were therefore not considered.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging was used to investigate the participants during the hypnosis. Three brain regions, which exhibited the well-mesmerizing people especially big changes were. In the Region of the brain, which is, among other things, for the recognition of objects and persons responsible, including the anterior cingulate Cortex is called, could be attributed to a decline. The researchers explained that the brain of the hypnotized Person is so busy that it’ll be about nothing other thoughts.

the connection between the dorsolateral prefrontal Cortex, and the Cortex insularis, the scientists were able to perceive an increase. This is the interface between the brain and the body, the researchers said. This Region allow the brain to process the processes in the body.

The connection between the Region, which is in the idle state is active, such as, for example, when daydreaming, even the resting state network, and the dorsolateral prefrontal Cortex declined significantly. The researchers believe, our actions would be decoupled from our consciousness.

“hypnosis is something Natural”

afraid of a hypnotic state should no one have, explains Leuenberger. “Because hypnosis is something Natural and something completely Simple. In everyday life, we find ourselves at least twice in such a state.” This was just before we fall asleep and then again before we Wake up. And that is what intrigued the 39-Year-old to their work: “hypnotism is simply part of us. You can apply quickly and easily – you don’t need much.”