In an interview with the official website of the Formula 1 can be grateful to the producers of the popular Netflix series, ‘Drive To Survive’ we take a look behind the scenes.

Paul Martin’s is one of the producers behind the success story about the “Formula 1” is on Netflix. The first season was a big success and the second volume seemed to just go on to success.

‘Drive to survive’ gives the fans a taste of what’s happening behind-the-scenes things, and that is to be an American, imbued with the drama.

It is very interesting for a F1 fan take a look behind the scenes, but if you’re not familiar with the sport, you may feel like a soap opera to follow. Martin indicates, however, that there may be a dose of good luck to come.

“a Lot of this series, which is due to luck. If you look at the first set of looks, I don’t think we’d be able to with the wheels on the two Haas cars were to come off.”

“There was a time in season 1, but to be honest I was thinking that Daniel Ricciardo is absolutely in the Red Bull, it would continue to be. I remember when I got a phone call from his manager: “It has to be something to let you know that we are at the point to make it known that we, Renault, have signed’. And in the course of the entire season will be drastically changed.”

In the second season and had all the cameras aimed at the Mercedes, in their time, the gloire had to be at the grand prix of Germany. The world champions saw their race is, literally, falling into the water.

“We’ve been fortunate that for the past two years, a couple of times, at the right time in the right place, and I think that’s in August for sure that was the case. It was perfect for Lewis, and was not feeling very well, and the fact that she had dressed up for the special paint scheme – and then waking up on the day of the competition, and it’s pouring with rain.”

“the way The race unfolded – and I don’t think that they’d be able to expect to be in the race again. But at the same time, I have never had a conversation with someone in a Mercedes, which I find to be a frame from the episode to catch up.”

fans sit on the first row to be the swan-song of Pierre Gasly competed in the Red Bull, and the time at which it was decided to keep him, to be replaced by Alex Albon.

“it was a story that was in front of us continued to move forward,” said Martin. “You could see the frustration in the Red Bull to feel, and felt, with Gasly. I’ve had people who have told me that they will have the decision of Red Bull to fully understand it, and I’ve had other people who told me, “I can’t believe that Gasly which was dealt with’.”

“you know, I think we’re all that kind of stuff in front of our eyes, let it happen. Red Bull would not try to pretend that game didn’t happen the way they did it. They took these decisions, it is well documented that the decisions, which is why I noticed it in the series. But, similar to the Mercedes, there was never an interview with Red Bull about what’s better for you to set the location.”

There are other interesting storylines, such as the departure of Nico Hulkenberg, and the fatal accident of Anthoine Hubert, Spa-Francorchamps, belgium. Probably now is a good time for you and your partner to ‘Drive To Survive’ look and feel of the F1, and if that wasn’t the case. At the start of the F1 season, by 2020, it is, after all, still have to wait a while.

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