Have you ever wondered how many cryptocurrencies exist? Several hundred. Or maybe a thousand. With so many to choose from, you might want to try new cryptocurrencies at some point. But what needs to be done for this? You can easily get a new cryptocurrency by making an exchange. The exchange involves the transfer of the cryptocurrency you have to receive another. How does it work? For example, you have ether (ETH), but you really want to get bitcoins (BTC) instead. There is an Emirex exchange crypto service that can help you with this. Thanks to exchange service providers, you can send your ethers and receive bitcoins in return for about the same value in equivalent.

Why would you need an exchange?

Receiving a profit

Trading cryptocurrencies can bring good profits, as they can quickly change in price. If you time the market correctly and you are lucky, you can earn quite a lot by exchanging cryptocurrency at the right time.

Portfolio diversification

However, not everyone likes such rapid price changes. Generally, diversification is seen as a pretty good weapon against risk. Having small holdings of many different cryptocurrencies can help reduce the impact of falling prices.

Passive income

How do you like the idea of making money without doing anything? Some crypto assets support staking. This means that you can receive more cryptocurrency without any additional action on your part. Exchange your cryptocurrency and try it yourself.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Transaction security – unlike an exchange, a crypto exchange does not store the currency at its address but instead directs it specifically to the user’s wallet. With the Emirex service, all customer accounts with information about them are closed and inaccessible to search engines. The system is supplied with a safety certificate.
  • Simple registration. All you have to do is confirm the ownership of the wallet by e-mail. This will take several minutes.
  • The simplicity of the interface. There is nothing superfluous in this cryptocurrency exchanger, the service is designed in such a way that the cryptocurrency exchange process is as fast and convenient as possible for you.