1. Get advice on operations with the real estate or to learn the status of its registration authority.

To improve the quality of the public services of the Federal cadastral chamber develops call center. Over the phone 8 800 100 34 34 you’ll be able to know the status of the appeal or application, to consult on operations with the real estate objects and registration services, and book an appointment to specialists companies.

Departmental telephone service center (VSTO) is a division of Cadastral chamber. Operators VCTO answer any questions related to real estate, 24/7.

it is Important. While waiting for the response from the operator may be increased, as in connection with an epidemiological situation in the country, VSTO acts as the main channel of information and interaction with applicants on issues of real estate transactions.

2. Make a list of the necessary real estate transactions documents.

If you want to make any operations with real estate – to buy or to sell, re-register property, register a mortgage, enter data on earlier considered object, etc. – using the service “Registration” you will be able to have a full and correct package of documents necessary for any, even the most unusual and complex real estate transactions.

to use it, you need to visit the official website of Cadastral chamber in section “services” tab and choose “Registration”, then click “go to service” and to perform the necessary actions.

3. To know the cadastral number of the property, area of land plot, permitted use etc.

Here to help service in an interactive form provides publicly available information from the Unified state register of real estate (egrn) online Public cadastral map. Also, knowing only the address or cadastral number of the block of flats, you can find its year of construction, wall material, number of storeys, purpose.

Previously, the Federal cadastral chamber amounted to a brief educational program about what kind of information you can learn about the property without leaving home and having only the address of a particular land plot or cadastral number.

4. To know the cadastral value of the object.

using the service of Rosreestr “the Fund of data of state cadastral evaluation” you will be able in real time to see the report on determination of cadastral value, the valuation reports market value on the basis of which the contested results of the cadastral value, as well as with systematic information about the objects of evaluation. For this you you need to go to the website of Rosreestr in the section “individuals”, then select “to Receive information from the data Fund of state cadastral evaluation” then click “Learn more”.

it is Important. To view the cadastral value of the property, in the service of “Fund of data of state cadastral evaluation” it is necessary to use search real estate listings on the cadastral number.

5. To verify the authenticity of extracts from the Unified state register of real estate (egrn).

the Service allows you to create a print layout and extracts received in electronic form, and to verify the correctness of the electronic signature, which she signed. You must download the xml file and click on the “Check” button, then select “Show file”.

If you need to check the validity of an electronic signature, you must attach the xml file received together with the file format of the sig and click on the button “Check”.

6. To obtain background information on real estate online.

to query the cadastral number or the address of the property and learn the cadastral value, status, area, address and date of cadastral registration of the property can be made online through the service “Background information on real estate”.

Such information you may need when buying property. Suggest to cross check the information received from the seller. So you protect yourself from fraud and will know exactly the parameters of the acquired land plot or apartment.

7. To calculate the land tax and property tax.

On the website of the Federal tax service is the service “Tax calculator”. With it, you can calculate the tax on property of physical persons and land tax. Just choose the region, then the tax period for which you want to calculate tax, then the cadastral number of the object. The system will automatically generate you the amount you need to pay for your property.