Monday, June 1, marked international children’s day, the global day of parents, international milk day and the day of the Northern fleet of Russia. In this day born actress Marilyn Monroe died French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

The day before, may 31, how to write “Rambler”, was celebrated the world no tobacco day, world day of struggle against inequality, the world day of struggle with multiple sclerosis and the Day of the Russian advocacy.

In the folk calendar of the Slavs 1 June – Justin and Chariton, June portokosten. In this day wondering about the weather in June and compared with what has been said by Gregory letogetacel 10 Jan.

June 1 recorded the first written mention of Scotch whiskey (1495 year), established the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky (1787), the Englishman John Ross discovered the North magnetic pole (1831), throughout the United States banned slavery (1862), writer Mikhail Sholokhov won the Nobel prize (1965), has given the state Zimbabwe (1979), entered into force the Agreement on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (the INF Treaty, 1988) the USSR and the USA, Russia became a member of the International monetary Fund (1992).

1 Jun born composer Mikhail Glinka (1804), poet and translator David Samoylov (1920), American actress Marilyn Monroe (1926), American actor Morgan Freeman (1937), directed by Vladimir Grammatikov (1942), a member of The Rolling Stones Ron wood (1947), actor Eugene Simon (1955), singer Nadezhda Kadysheva (1959) and Olga Kormukhina (1960), the German model Heidi Klum (1973) and directed by Pyotr Buslov (1976).

1 Jun died industrialist, publisher and philanthropist Kozma Soldatenkov (1901), a Soviet academician, surgeon Alexander Savitsky, French and American actor Mike Marshall (2005), French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (2008) and poet Andrei Voznesensky (2010).