Sunday, July 5, marked the Day of workers of sea and river fleet of Russia and the Day of Cyril and Methodius. This day was born an activist for women’s rights Clara Zetkin and died, the Russian poet Sasha Cherny.

On the eve of July 4th, how to write “Rambler”, was international day of cooperatives and the U.S. independence Day.

In the folk calendar of the Slavs, on 5 July (old style) – Months holiday, Athanasius. In this day of the month was judged a good harvest.

July 5, Venezuela was the first of the colonies of Spain in South America declared independence (1811), was first found in Russia Almaz (1829), the British Thomas cook opened the first travel Agency (1841), in London, founded the “salvation Army” (1865), began the battle of Kursk (1943), at a fashion show in Paris for the first time introduced the bikini (1946), Elvis Presley recorded the first song (1954), China banned the use of child labor (1994).

July 5 born Russian officer, the Decembrist Pavel Pestel (1793), Russian naval commander Pavel Nakhimov (1802), an activist for women’s rights Clara Zetkin (1857), Soviet film Director, founder of theatre of dolls in Moscow, Sergei Obraztsov (1901), the Russian TV presenter tutta Larsen (1974), hockey player Alexander Radulov (1986).

July 5, died on the Russian poet Sasha Cherny (1932), choreographer, people’s artist of the USSR Pavel Virsky (1975), American jazz composer Harry James (1983), the Russian actor Viktor Perevalov (2010).