With the current electricity prices, it is important to save electricity wherever possible. However, there is often a lack of a sense of how expensive a device really is to use. We wanted to know and will show you how much washing laundry you do in your washing machine at home really is.

On average, modern devices consume less electricity than old machines, even with higher capacities. However, due to the sharp rise in electricity prices and the rise in water costs, thrift is required.

In order to calculate exactly how high your costs for a washing machine are, you would have to determine the exact electricity and water consumption of your washing machine and offset this against the current energy prices.

If you have an energy cost meter at home, you should measure the actual energy generated on the machine yourself. For a quick calculation, simply follow the washing machine manufacturer’s instructions.

The water consumption of modern machines is around 50 liters per wash cycle, with one wash load per week this results in a value of 2,600 liters per year.

Energy has never been as expensive as it is now. But instead of panicking, you should calmly check potential savings at home. As our guide shows, there are many of them.

It is best to ask your supplier about the exact water costs. The average value in Germany is 2.77 euros per cubic meter. But keep in mind that there are also sewage costs of the same amount.

For our example calculation, we assume electricity costs of 0.45 euros and water costs of 3 euros per cubic meter. This results in the following costs per wash load:

As you can see: hot wash is significantly more expensive than washes at 20, 30 or 40 degrees. Modern machines and washing powder thoroughly clean clothes even at low temperatures.

However, the washing forum in Frankfurt recommends washing at 60 degrees and heavy-duty detergent once a month to kill bacteria that settle in every washing machine.

In addition to the costs for water and electricity, there are also the costs for dirt catchers, fabric softener or washing powder. Depending on the product used, you can also calculate the partial costs here.