What awaits the audience on Friday and the weekend on the online festival

on Friday, don’t miss the drama Svetlana Proskurina “Sunday”. The action takes place over one day, which for most is a day off, but the hero does not promise no sleep, no rest. He is a major official of the city hall is perched at the river campus. Wake him the news that one of his passions out of the window, but survived, and will have to visit her in the hospital. And yesterday in the mailbox someone left a note, promising him a quick death. The beginning of the day looks promising. A coincidence? His entire logic of the film brings us to the sense of laws – filed with some irony and at first glance, even comical, albeit creepy.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG “RG” invites you to the online film festival “Double DV@”

the Picture will inevitably bring to mind Chekhov’s play about the disintegrating ahead of the new trends of society. Even the motif of the cherry orchard, dying under the axe of Lopakhin will take place in the frames with the wood, the convulsive beating in the chains of a crane. Only in new of Lopakhin is no longer that of a confident grip, and there is thievery guy doing the unjust thing, and not in the drama of the new times that bright sadness, because it has evaporated to let those vague but hopeful. In the film a lot of great acting work – Alexey Vertkov, Vera Alentova, Vladimir Ilyin.

Saturday is the first “Theatrical intermission”: “Turandot”, the most mysterious Puccini Opera. Work on it was interrupted by the death of the composer, and last pages of the score on the basis of the author’s sketches written by his friend Franco Alfano. The play in “Helikon-Opera” stage Director Dmitry Bertman, conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev decided, after many predecessors to end the Opera where, according to Toscanini, “the pen fell from the hands of a genius.” This is the logic that the intensity of the dramaSemitism in the Opera is that a happy ending with a love duet victorious Calaf and Turandot resigned after just spilled blood would be inconclusive. And the play ends with the suicide of love for Calaf maidservant Liu.

But the biggest surprise was the decision of the image itself Turandot. How it is interpreted by Puccini, is a mystery. The Princess is given the most tender melodies of the Opera, she is beautiful, like a dream, but her soul is crippled, and Turandot demonstrates inexplicable cruelty, betraying the execution of the lovers in her youth. In one of the most tragic arias she reveals the motives of his intransigence: her grandmother dishonoured stranger, and she vowed to take revenge over the males. This gave the composer a reason to write an Opera is extremely tough, with tragically nakolennye choirs and hovering in the atmosphere intonation of doom. A kind of split personality Princess embodied the beauty and ugliness embodied in the performance of the implemented literally. On the podium stands proudly showcase the beauty, as if jointed and frozen, like the undead (played by Ksenia plastic Lisanskaya), and in the dark cellars lurks Turandot the true personification of the demonic in the woman who lost her beauty, age (in one of the difficult roles of the world repertoire of brilliant Elena Mikhailenko).

Photo: kinopoisk.ru “End of season” opens XI festival “the Double DV@”

Funny tale in the style of Commedia Dell’arte in the Opera was a fairy tale beautiful but terrible, and gained deep philosophical meanings. The performance of “Helikon-Opera” all these qualities perfected.

Sunday – “the Joker”. Not that it made a noise, – the other, from the story of Antosha Chekhonte “a Woman without prejudices”. This is the debut of Director Alexander Spotted that picLes graduating from the St Petersburg LGITMiK trained in the United States and took courses in drama in Los Angeles. “The Joker” filmed on private money and was first shown on 1st Uralinvest in Yekaterinburg, which was a great success. Then began the series of his triumphs at festivals in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, India and the USA, where the film-makers brought the honorary award. But the biggest harvest of prizes Russian “Joker” gathered in the capital of world cinema Los Angeles: Grand Prix for best film, the prize for best Director, for male and female roles and camera work. And in General the Russian car did not appear: “unformatted” are considered and its timing (just over an hour) and its material (who today want Antosha Chekhonte!).

reviews From the audience

Nicholas Shuttles:

for me Personally, in recent years, the arrival of April means two things will be the focus of my attention: the hockey play-offs and a wonderful child “RG” festival “Double two”. And if someone a month ago asked me to bet on the likelihood of some of these events may not happen, I’d be inclined to say it that “Double” stuff happens, who knows what, but certainly the play-offs will take place in any weather. And I cried to my predictions. It is a pity that I can not, as usual, to be torn in their sympathies between the washer and the screen. And extremely happy that the festival – to be! This is a great proof that a crazy idea a decade ago to establish an online festival was, is and will be relevant and useful. Even in the face of global shocks. Thanks to the organizers!