He was the hottest Transfer-share of Europe. Currently it is one of the biggest Concerns professionals of the continent: Philippe Coutinho (27) is in the Corona terminal.

Problem: Originally, the Brazil Star wanted to take advantage of the hot season phase, to make in-house advertising. The injury of Robert Lewandowski played him in the maps, Coutinho was back in the starting lineup.

but Now the Brazilian hangs completely in the air. That Bavaria is committed to the for a year, loaned Samba Star, is excluded due to previously fluctuating performance as well as. Questionable even, who paid for his Mega-salary, should the season be longer than June.

At his parent club Barcelona, he was chosen by a newspaper in the Flop team of the Millennium. Barca has also Corona coal-problems – return is actually unthinkable.

Coutinho in his Mercedes SUV. In the last few days, he was still slightly photo: Dennis Brosda

Another Problem: Coutinho cost for his move from Liverpool to Barca 145 million euros, beating a Monster salary earned. Both Barca as well as he would have to waive a lot of money. In the whole of Europe can afford because Corona is not a club an overpriced Superstar.