“I’m embarrassed, but what should I do?” asks a woman. Because a gang of children is terrorizing a park.

Children can be cruel. This is shown by the case of a Reddit user. A gang is terrorizing the park behind their house – and they are said to be children who are around eleven to twelve years old.

The mother of three reported that she, her husband and other adults were being bullied by the children. The eleven to twelve year olds are supposed to, among other things, insult people, spit on them and throw things at them. “They are known to also beat children and young people,” it continues.

Your kids would love the park. But now the husband doesn’t want to go there anymore. The mother captioned the post: “I’m embarrassed, but what should I do?”

For many users, the case is clear: the woman should contact the police. For example, one person comments: “Call the police. “Call every time they throw something and record it on video.” However, the woman from Canada isn’t hoping for much from this. She is sure that the police will not do anything. “What a world we live in,” she continues.

Another person experienced a similar situation – and even ended up moving. “We called the police many times and they came and talked to the children, but nothing ever happened. The children seemed really untouchable.”

Child and juvenile crime is also a well-known topic in Germany. A look at the police crime statistics shows: Last year, 2,246,767 suspects were recorded. Of these, 104,233 were children up to the age of 14. The number of young people between the ages of 14 and under 18 was 207,149. Compared to 2022, there was an increase of twelve percent among children. There was an increase of 9.5 percent among young people.

Just recently, a case from Duisburg made headlines. Because a group of children broke into an animal enclosure there. They killed a chicken and tortured other animals – hunting them with spades, stones and sticks.

The traffic light coalition is arguing about development aid as part of the budget negotiations. One thing is clear: Germany is supporting some dazzling projects. For example, a project to “promote positive masculinity” in Rwanda. FOCUS-online research shows that there are obvious discrepancies between the goal and the implementation on the ground.

A kiosk exploded in Düsseldorf on Thursday night. The subsequent fire spread to the apartment building in which the kiosk was located. Three people are dead and at least 16 injured. Two are in mortal danger. All developments in the news ticker.