With the ZDF show “Wetten, dass..?” presenter Thomas Gottschalk secured a regular place in the nation’s living rooms. But the 72-year-old has also achieved cult status as a radio presenter. Numerous television appearances, including one on the RTL show “Because they don’t know what’s happening” alongside Barbara Schöneberger and Günther Jauch, prove that he’s still not old-fashioned. Thomas Gottschalk is still an integral part of the German entertainment industry. But he obviously has little time for young “successors”.

In an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, from which various media reports, the moderator stated: “I have to be careful that I don’t waste my entire time insulting any reality stars or YouTube influencers because I don’t believe in them . ”When he looks at the goings-on of the new generation, he constantly asks himself: “Are you really serious?” The moderator continued.

What the younger generation is missing is the “hard school of entertainment” that he himself went through, Gottschalk said. For example, he advertised a sewing machine for the Hertie department store chain. And his colleague Mike Krüger, with whom the moderator is also friends, played the guitar in villages. “This hard school connects, and that’s what the reality fools lack today,” said the 72-year-old.

The moderator is particularly bothered by the fact that today’s YouTube stars don’t dare to say controversial things. Influencers “with five million followers between the ages of nine and eleven” think of all fans “every time they open their mouths” and are constantly worried about doing something wrong. He, on the other hand, was never worried about what people would think of him. “The young generation today is so soft-boiled and so anxious about success. She’s under so much pressure. I’m sorry, ”is Thomas Gottschalk’s harsh verdict.

In addition to chaos king Thomas Gottschalk, Barbara Schöneberger is probably the chaos queen of “badly prepared”, spontaneous entertainment on German television. Before her second “Do you understand fun?” issue, the 48-year-old talks about the desire for chaos and the fear of repetition.

In the show “Because they don’t know what’s happening”, Andrea Kiewel invited some TV legends to the show. But between two guests it did not harmonize particularly well.

The next “Wetten, dass ..?” show with Thomas Gottschalk will take place in November. Now it has become known where the bash will take place.

The original of this article “Thomas Gottschalk insults young TV colleagues as “reality jerks”” comes from Bunte.de.