international intelligence Alliance of the Western States, commonly known as the “Five eyes”, “frantically discuss” how to reduce Western dependence on China. First of all it concerns the critical infrastructure is potentially vulnerable in the event of a conflict with Beijing.

the Alliance of the “Five eyes”, which includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, urgently discussed the possibility of resumption of activities of major division, which is responsible for issues related to critical infrastructure (water, electricity, communication), in order to reduce its dependence on China. In addition, as reported by the British media, the idea of concluding a free trade agreement within the Association.

“Obviously, everybody is in panic, told the Daily Telegraph by a source close to the matter. – They [the members of the unit] not met for five years, but concerns over supply and the inability to provide for themselves has grown so much that governments are reviving this historic organ to work together to address security issues”.

Initially, the organization has defined critical infrastructure as “systems, assets, facilities and networks”, which provide essential services to member countries of the Alliance. Also these services “necessary to ensure national and economic security and prosperity” of the States members of the Association.

According to The Telegraph, the Alliance members initially failed to agree on six areas that could be considered “critical infrastructure”. Alliance members still agreed that the most important value in this regard are communication, health, transport, water and energy.

communications Director of the analytical center for foreign policy “Society the Henry Jackson” Sam Armstrong told The Telegraph that he “welcomes” the willingness of the UK to work with allies to get rid of their dependence on China.

“the Solution to such complex problems as the artificial dominance of China in the global economy, it is impossible to decide without consulting our allies”, he added.

However, the former Director General of the world trade organization Pascal Lamy urged the West to exercise caution in matters of “economic separation”. In an interview with The Guardian he stated that “Autonomous and closed the” China may lead to even more dangerous consequences, while adding: “the West cannot coexist in a relationship of free trade with a country that subsidizes 30% of its economy. If China does not want to accept global rules on state aid, we need to review a number of trade obligations — whether public procurement or Konk��etnich sectors”.

earlier, the members of the international intelligence enterprises thought about how to accept Japan to jointly counter China. The proposal has already received preliminary approval from the United Kingdom. It was discussed in a special closed seminar of the research group on China. According to The Guardian, this decision may in the future contribute to the expansion of the strategic economic relations between the two countries.