The developers of WhatsApp announced the launch of a new feature that allows you to check the authenticity of messages sent. However, in the Russian segment of the Internet perceived the innovation as the strengthening of control over users, says “Constantinople”.

As reported by “the Rambler”, August 4, WhatsApp announced the launch of functions to check the fake messages sent in group chats.

Each message that is forwarded many times, there is a magnifying glass icon, clicking on which sends the text to the Google search engine so the user can read this information in other sources to verify its authenticity.

The possibility of factchecking already appeared in the latest versions of WhatsApp in the US, the UK, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, on devices running iOS and Android.

Despite the fact that the function is not yet available in Russia, Russian Internet users have already pricked up the ears.

“Well, Yes. I every messenger to trust more than the first comer "contact". I look around and check”, “my life is fakie wrote. Why do I need this feature?”, “I wish it was possible to link a second phone number”, "We are already in full control" – shared doubts about the Russians.