If you glance at it while walking past, it looks like a Lufthansa poster: the airline’s logo is there and next to it is a picture of a happy passenger on the plane. But at second glance, you realize that it’s not advertising by the airline after all.

A forest fire can be seen through the plane window. Instead of the Lufthansa slogan “Say yes to the world”, the slogan on the poster reads: “Say yes to the end of the world”. “At Lufthansa, we distract you with photos of trees while we burn the planet,” reads more.

Another poster advertises Ruinair – in the colors of Irish Ryanair. “Favorable tariffs on the plastic island” it says. Flight attendants on the poster wear gas masks and salute.

Such and other posters appeared all over Europe last week, for example in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Liège, Lisbon, Rome, Nantes, London, Bristol and Norwich. The Brandalism collective has posted more than 500 fake ads. In the vast majority of cases without permission.

The activists pasted the new posters over existing advertisements. In addition to Lufthansa and Ryanair, they also targeted Easyjet, Etihad, ITA, KLM, Air France, British Airways, airports and the airline’s umbrella organization Iata.

In addition to the airlines, Brandalism also denounces the advertising agencies that have created the campaigns with the airlines. They accuse the companies of greenwashing and demand an advertising ban for aviation throughout the EU, analogous to the tobacco advertising ban.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

US rapper Coolio is dead. This is reported by the American media, citing his manager. The musician, who became known worldwide for his hit “Gangsta’s Paradise”, was 59 years old. The cause of death is still unknown. The music world mourns.

On September 19, Queen Elizabeth II was buried in front of millions of people. The ceremony was even broadcast on TV. But now certain scenes are to be banned by the Royal Family.

After Melanie Müller had already justified herself because of the “Sieg Heil” calls during her performance on September 17, a video now puts the pop singer in further trouble.

The former FC Bayern star and international Thomas Strunz has sued his son Tommy because he no longer wants to pay maintenance. He won the trial. In court he is said to have ignored his son, reports the “image”. He is said to have had no contact with his two children for about ten years.

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