Gags like this can only be found on Oliver Pocher’s jokes account. And yet Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz have once again proven that, in addition to competence and creativity, they also have another talent: quite a lot of humour.

The audience who watched the podcast “Fest

On the “” platform, fans have the opportunity to buy greetings from their star for money. Among other things, Roberto Blanco, “Bauer sucht Frau” star Narumol or Stefanie Hertel offer video messages there. For example, they congratulate you on your birthday, congratulate you on your wedding anniversary or cheer on the birth of a child. Laura Müller is also represented on the site and offers her services from 125 euros. Compared to Roberto Blanco, who asks 10,000 euros, she is a small fish. Most of their eight customer reviews are positive. But there are also dissatisfied customers: “It was specified what was to be said. Unfortunately little effort was made compared to other celebrities,” says a review of Laura Müller.

Jan Böhmermann, who has been subtly ridiculing Wendler’s wife for some time, has nevertheless struck. He ordered a message from the young woman for 250 euros. Laura’s assignment: The 22-year-old should “cheer up” podcast colleague Olli. Laura worked hard for this. The message of the American-by-choice, who is currently facing major problems together with Michael Wendler, was played live by Jan Böhmermann to Olli Schulz and the audience during the recording in the IFA summer garden.

“Don’t let your head hang down,” Laura tries to encourage the addressee in the greeting, “stay positive and don’t let yourself be dragged down”. Her sentences trigger loud laughter from the audience, and Böhmermann and Schulz are also extremely amused. Laura closes her message with a “lovely hug” and lets Olli know that he is “not alone”.

Michael Wendler’s wife most likely had no idea that Jan Böhmermann was behind the order. The spectators cheer and applaud. Olli Schulz says with a grin: “I’m touched”. And Jan Böhmermann? From Laura’s “motivational speech”, as he calls it, he made a jingle for bad times.

Incidentally, the satirist moderated the 22-year-old ironically as usual. Laura is currently “difficult to reach” because she is “fleeing from the tax office Dienstlaken”. Two weeks ago it became public that the US authorities were investigating her husband Michael Wendler in visa matters – and that the German authorities were also targeting the former hit star. The couple was also thrown out of their home in Florida and, according to “bild” information, is said to have even lived in a trailer at times.

Michael Wendler has long been blocked by the operators of the Instagram platform because of the spread of diffuse conspiracy theories. Laura’s profile has also been standing still for almost three weeks.

Ballermann star Ikke Hipgold becomes the parody “Michael Pendler”: The 45-year-old gave a first taste of the video shoot of the band Schlagerschaffner on Instagram.

Is Michael Wendler attempting a musical comeback in Germany? In any case, the musician now asserts that and talks about an early return.

After Janina Youssefian flew out of the show on “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” because of a racist statement, she now speaks in more detail about the scandal herself for the first time – and is looking for explanations.

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