Get Fit & Healthy, Lots of hollywood stars, influencers, and other friends and acquaintances swear by it, and it was one of the most gegoogelde dieetzoekterm in 2019: intermittent fasting or periodic fasting, has been a draw to the button. But is it really? You know for sure. Three readers will bear witness to this.

european commission: the vastendieet you may want to eat during certain times of the year, not less. There are quite a few different variations, but there are two main forms, which are the most common. In the first method, intermittent fasting, and it plays on a daily basis. In the 16:8 protocol you can eat for 16 consecutive hours, while in the remaining 8 hours of normal eating, and do what you want to do. Some of them are going to go a step further and eat food for 18 hours, and 6 hours as well. In the second method, alternating or alternated fasting, as you are two days a week, which is also known as the 5:2 diet. Initially it was for 2 days and no more than 500 calories for women and 600 for men to be consumed. The other day, ate what you wanted to do. Now that the days are increased up to 800 calories and the other 5 days you eat according to the mediterranean diet.

it’s a work that vastendiëten really? Registered dietitian Sarah Mouha: “A new study in October 2019 and has studied for nine studies of intermittent fasting, and compared it with a conventional weight loss diet. The bottom line on that? Periodic fasting will work. So is the weight loss is comparable to the traditional approach. In addition, the effect is the same as with every other diet: you can eat fewer calories than you use, so you’ll fall down. For those who are overweight, so it is a good way to lose weight, having a healthy weight, you run less of a risk to health.”

How it works is also evident from the positive feedback we receive from our readers. The three of them share their success story.

– Daisy (35): “I have a lot less appetite for sweets.”

“Skinny, I’ve never been there. Always, I have to be careful with what I ate, and in the last few years, I’ve tried too many diets out. In addition, as I see it, apothekerassistente a lot of afslankmiddeltjes be reviewed, but without the desired result, or at least without lasting results. Even though I often have some weight lost, the weight’s again and again, to. The major culprit? I was able to be the dieting will never end.”

“ – To me this past summer with intermittent fasting, began. Thus, I lost about 15 pounds. Though I won’t be around for the pot: in the beginning was not very forgiving. The habit of waking up in the morning to eat breakfast, so our family is pretty baked-in. For the first few days I was already at about 10 am on a hongerke’. I let myself to have a healthy snack to eat. In the days that followed, I tried that a moment of time, in order to set up. From 10 a.m. to 10: 30 to 11 pm, until I was able to wait for up to 12 hours. At 18 o’clock in the evening, I eat my last meal. And I’m awesome.”

“in Addition to fasting, I also try to have little carbs and plenty of vegetables. It’s a combination which has resulted in me being a lot less high’s and low’s have been in my blood sugar so I am not hungry at sweet and tout court, and less hungry. In other words, I can be a lot easier resisting temptation, and the pounds are flying (literally) down.”

“of Course I want to look for a cheatdag . I’m only human, but that’s okay. For example, if I want to do it in a slice of bread with chocolate fun, there is simply twice as much of it. Sometimes for breakfast I will have the weekend with my family. The rest of the time, I’ll try me again at my track. I feel in particular that it is important to have a good balance, but that’s for everyone, of course, is different. For me, it’s already a huge success. I can also highly recommend this hotel.”

the Jacket (36): “I have lost no less than 51 kg at the 8-month period.”

“all My life, I struggle with my weight. As a child, I was a bit too heavy, in my teenage years, I weighed a little less than 10 kilos too much, but in my twintigerjaren it was done on a 20-to 25-pound. I have tried several diets, but always relapsed back to my old habits, and then lose the weight again were introduced. Last year, the absolute worst is when I’m number 129 on the scale, saw it there. With a height of 1m70, does that mean morbidly obese. That’s when I knew that I was dringends is something to do. I was afraid that I was a long time for a heart attack or other serious medical conditions, it would be.”

“Two years ago, I learned about intermittent fasting all through the doctor, Peter Attia, and his well-known app is Zero. I was immediately intrigued by it, but I thought that I was in the diet is never going to end. Due to the additional advantages like better focus, celgeneratie, controlled, calorie-intake, sleep, etc.). I took it at the beginning of June, 2019 at the latest.”

“I started out with a 16:8 pattern, and after five days it worked so well that I moved it to 18:6. Everything went so smooth and that I have a few weeks to as much as 20:4, went. Now, I eat for 13 hours, a small meal, usually a salad (about 500 calories, and at around 17 hours for my main meal of around 1000 calories. I’m on every day and that is 1500 calories for my metabolism and activity level, the ideal number is, it is in order to lose weight. In addition, I try never to be one to two times a week to walk with them.”

“The result was a thick, eight months later? As many as 51 kilos less on the weighing scales, a body fat percentage which has dropped from 38 to 21%, and BMI, which decreased from 46 to 27. In addition, I feel like I am better than you ever have before.”

“Intermittent fasting is currently very popular and you will hear many people promising to talk about it, but it is fair to say that my life did indeed change. I feel a lot less tired, and my body, from aches are gone, my physical condition, there is a deck in progress, and my body looks a deal better.”

“I’m also happy to have a comment to make, it is vastendieet it is, after all, is not a panacea. At the end of the day, it still boils down to how many calories you’re taking in versus the calories that you burn. What is this diet special is the fact that you are feeling more in control of keeping your energy levels more stable and less spikes in your blood sugar levels so you are less likely to sugar-rich snacks are on the rise. In addition, it makes you mentally stronger all the time. And that’s how the diet and also discipline, which is something that a lot of obese people struggle with. For me, it is without a doubt a success story.”
Dennis (24): “I’m 20 pounds less, but that hold every Friday, frietjesavond.”

“I got to know the vastendieet on YouTube stars such as Thomas DeLauer.I was struggling for many years with my weight, and after the failure of many of the other diets I had been very curious about this popular diet plan.”

“to start with I wasn’t: such popularity is not bad. The vastendieet is the first and only diet plan that worked for me, and that I can keep this up. The reason for this? It’s just as easy to incorporate into my day to day life. Even though it is at the very beginning, however, some perseverance, you will get used to the diet very quickly. So, I follow a 16:8 18:6 a pattern, and sometimes it is fixed, I even have for 24 hours. And it’s going to be excellent. In september, I started with it, and in the meantime, I am already 20 kg lighter.”

“What’s in it for me, so enjoyable is the fact that there are no restrictions to it, or would prefer to not have forbidden foods. So, like I do every Friday and have frietjesavond. (laughs) Though it was the diet that I am beginning to learn about healthy eating habits. I’m just more aware of my life, making me more and more of a sport. It is my hope that my story and others who have the courage to be lost, it can be stimulating to the diet, as well as to give it a try, so that they can finally be successful losing weight. For me, it’s a real eye-opener, and my hope is in the struggle against the extra kilos.”

Curious about the vastendieet, but have no idea how to get started? Registered dietitian Sarah Mouha share some beginnerstips:

– Plan your day, and mealtimes are well in order for you to ensure that you have all of the necessary nutrients are ingested.”

-: Eat two pieces of fruit and two of vegetables to get enough vitamins is to take the en100 grams, meat substitute, fish or meat and two of milk-or soy-for sufficient intake of proteins.”

– “please Make sure that you get enough fiber to eat. Always choose whole-grain products and avoid low-carb go on a of your mealtimes.”

– please Try not to temptations, such as chocolate, cakes and junk food in the house, then you can’t eat it, and the chances of a successful outcome are greater.”

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