The season of 2019-2020 is, no one can see Club Brugge and the title to take it away. Captain Website Creator, it is his third national championship as a player at the Club, the most special one. “We like to be different, but our title is sure.”

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“My Househusband.” Is the name Rose is of America and her husband, Ruud, Is (31). While she is working as a doctor in the emergency room of the Mary Middelaresziekenhuis in Ghent, it is the household in the Home. This would be done in the next few weeks and months, and is still the case, as the Pro-League, is it wise to put an end to the current competition. Website Is cheers the decision.

“It is quite an achievement in the Pro League and that this decision was taken because of a Rose I hear the horror stories from the hospital. Yesterday, she told us that there was another man in a white bed sheet from the department of and was carried away. It’s all very, very hard for the patients, families and staff. This is a horrible virus. Therefore, it may be, I are already on board with the decision to quit, and the European tickets will be on one.”

Club Brugge is the only official champion is on the 13th of april, the annual general meeting of the Pro League and its a blessing to give and the decision was made. But with all of the clubs, it sounds that this is just a formality. And so Ruud Is his third title as a player of Club Brugge celebrate. Though celebrating might be the wrong word, at this point in time.

“We have an app with the players that we have each other, congratulations are in order to have the desired. Everyone is very happy. Of course, we would have preferred to have the title won on the field, but you have to know that in the current circumstances, it is not possible. We were at the beginning of may to resume. If we have the races had to be postponed to July, it was hard for the next season.”

“This is not, of course, the title of which we had dreamed, but on the other hand, it has been a special season. We have twenty-nine games played, and one lost. There were a couple of other lesser games, but we’ve always had points in them. In one round of the play-offs, we were down fifteen points. I don’t think that’s out of your hands had made.”

“We do not have this title is earned, and we should be proud of our season. This was truly a champion team. My man of the season but Simon (Mignolet). That was a very, very important. And furthermore, Simon Fine, John, as always, to the Agent, Diatta… Everyone has their own valuable contribution. If everything goes well, we will all be celebrating. That is what we have with the players is also agreed to.”

Is not a champagne.

in The next few days and weeks, there will be no champagne to drink. The strap can not be, because there may well be a cup final on the program.

“Vincent (Mannaert, ed.) took me just a phone call. We are going through, ” he said. Everyone should have his or her individual exercise program to follow, because we need to be ready for the cup final. Tentatively I am, however, in order to keep in shape. Our daily practices are strictly adhered to by the club.”

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Every day, there are more or less the same thing in the house Is. “At 8 o’clock for breakfast, I am with the kids. She was already at the hospital and then left. If the babysitter will be there, I’m going to walk on the beach, as always, about 10 km away. Afterwards, I go out cycling or doing other exercises as well. in the Afternoon lunch, I set out with the kids, and I’m in love with them, until Rose is home from the hospital. in the Evening, I make dinner to be ready. Tonight, we are eating tomato soup, chicken and broccoli.”

life as a trainee professional footballer is no easy task, says a Former. “Of course, there are difficult moments. This is definitely not a vacation. But I’m not complaining. I have children and I am very happy that I have them with me. However, I will be happy when we get together on holidays, and even more of a slide down roetsjen.”

“The solitude in drive out, I have to facetimen, with the Second (The fauw), for example. The running I do is usually only. One time I went with Thibault Vlietinck a vengeance. For the rest, it’s very quiet on the beach hotel at 8: 30 o’clock in the morning.”

Is that the cup final is still to play for. “If it is safe to do so. That is, it is the sine qua non. Of course it would be nice to have a price in order to be able to celebrate on the field, but it would also be good to have a goal. Otherwise, we have two months – that’s a lot of it.”

“If this is coronacrisis anything, the cliché stuff. You have to enjoy every day. You will be very quickly, in a funnel, where you are, but it can be. Like to go out to eat. However, that is not normal. That is, we find now that in the future.”

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