The concept of home office is becoming increasingly popular. In times of Corona, many workers have to set up a home workplace. Especially for virtual conferences or Meetings, Webcams are necessary. While the majority of laptops has a built-in camera, PC use-users often have to use an external Webcam.

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Webcam purchase: These aspects are to be observed

  • resolution/frame rate
  • microphone
  • connection
  • price
  • Features

Especially in the case of cheap computers suffers from the quality of the built-in camera. In conversations over Skype, Teams, Slack, Discord, or co. a resolution of 480p (640 x 480 pixels) for a clear and sharp image is desirable. The higher the resolution is, the better the Internet should be a line, so that the fluid Transmission is ensured.

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microphone and other helpful Features

Also, the microphone is an important aspect of video and Work from home. For this purpose, an external microphone or a Headset is recommended, since the built-in microphones to achieve due to the often very large distance to the speaker is a bad result.

Features like auto-focus or exposure and regulation are also becoming more and more popular. Modern Webcams have an image stabilizer, and face detection. The more Features a camera offers, the more expensive it is usually.

Some models already have for under 20 euros, however, there are also Webcams for a few hundred euros.

A detailed Test, there are Chip can be read.

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