Honored meteorologist Roman Vilfand said that the weather forecast promises to Muscovites the return of the warm days of July 27.

As he wrote “the Rambler”, the week, which started on 20 July was rainy and cool. In the afternoon on Thursday, July 23, in the capital region will be no more than 15-20 heat. On Friday, July 24, the weather forecast promises up to 17-22 degrees.

According to Vilfand, it is already possible to clearly predict that on the weekend in the capital and will remain “moderately cool” weather. Temperatures this week he found a small deviation from the norm. The weatherman assured that the weather will improve early next week.

The forecast for the second half of the summer, according to the scientist, could not be done. He stressed that to predict the weather more or less exactly only for the next five or six days.

Also Vilfand said that the weather in the summer of 2020 cannot be considered abnormal. He explained that people use this word even with a slight deviation from the norm, as “emotsioniruyut.”