The weather forecast promises that the beginning of autumn in many Russian regions will be warm and Sunny.

In particular, in the Moscow region and the capital of the beginning of September with almost no precipitation. Then the weather will change dramatically, will start heavy rains, and night temperatures at the end of the month will fall to subzero values. In the first ten days of October will become warmer, the air in the capital region will warm up to 15-16 degrees Celsius, and in early November, the expected warming up to plus seven or eight degrees.

Autumn will start with the heat in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions. The weather forecast promises that in September and October in these regions will not be colder plus 14-18 degrees.

The Crimean velvet season, estimates of weather forecasters, this year will be comfortable. The temperature on the Peninsula will be from 25 to 27 degrees above zero.

In the resorts of Krasnodar region in the beginning of autumn is dry and warm – up to 22-27 degrees. Noticeably colder there only in mid-October, the temperature drops to 16-18 degrees.

As reported by “the Rambler”, earlier weather forecasters said that in the Moscow region in early August, is expected to heat of 30 degrees.