A woman from a good family marries a man who loves wearing sweatpants and eating pizza. Now she complains bitterly about his manners.  

There are two ways to look for a partner: “Birds like to get along” or “Opposites attract”. A woman (26) from an apparently very good family tried the second variant and feels unhappy with it, as she now revealed on Reddit.

“I come from a very distinguished and elegant family. We always dress casually and formally and pride ourselves on our grace and sophistication. But my boyfriend (25) is the exact opposite,” she complains.

He wears sweatpants and T-shirts to the store, which is just embarrassing. “I mean, how hard can it be to put on a decent pair of jeans and a decent shirt?” She doesn’t like his manners either. “He holds the door open for me, but he doesn’t even pull the chair away from me. It’s like he has no idea what Cavaliers are.”

She also doesn’t care about his language. “He uses so much slang that it’s sometimes difficult to understand him.” His table manners also take some getting used to. “He doesn’t know how to properly eat and order wine at a table. Watching him eat is really painful.”

The list of complaints goes on. He doesn’t know how to drink alcohol. “And his cooking skills? I know he tries hard, but he cooks cheap dishes like cheeseburgers, pizza and instant noodles, which I wouldn’t exactly call sophisticated cuisine.”

Same taste in films? None. “He likes horror films, superhero films and anime, while I prefer real movies from directors like Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick.”

The woman concludes with the words. “I love him, but his lack of class and sophistication puts me off.” And she wonders if it’s possible to change someone and make them more sophisticated. 

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