A married couple buys a house, remodels the kitchen and discovers a hidden treasure that changes their lives.

Becky and Robert Fooks bought a house and decided to renovate the kitchen. While digging up the kitchen floor, Robert came across a broken glazed ceramic bowl filled with 400-year-old gold and silver coins.

According to the Mirror, the couple counted more than 1,029 coins, including rare examples of King James I and King Charles I. It is believed that the treasure was hidden between 1642 and 1644 during the English Civil War and the owner never returned to claim it pick up. 

The Fooks couple reported the find to the local official in South Poorton, Dorset, and sent it to the British Museum for identification. Duke’s Auctioneers of Dorchester, Dorset, sold each coin for a total price of £60,000. (70,000 euros). With fees, the total came to £78,000 (91,000 euros). “We were overjoyed,” said the couple.

The most valuable piece was a gold crown of King Charles I from 1635, which fetched £5,000. A Charles I silver shilling from 1641-43 fetched £3,200.

Julian Smith of Duke’s Auctioneers told the Mirror that the auction was a complete success and all items found a buyer. The Fookses, who attended the auction, were more than happy with the result and are already planning to spend some of the money on further renovations and their child’s university education. The rest should be used to reduce debts and for entertainment.

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