The state treasury is empty, the need for further relief is still great: Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has now positioned himself on further state aid. Only if there is more economic activity in Germany can there be major relief.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) currently sees little financial scope for further relief. When asked whether the end of the road for relief had been reached, he told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” on Friday: “Up to 200 billion euros are available for price controls and hardship aid. We will use the money in the coming years .”

In addition, 50 billion euros in tax relief for citizens have been made possible by 2024. “We will therefore have an enormous general government financing deficit in the coming year. We have reached the limit, I will not cross it.”

In his view, the price brakes could dampen inflation. In the long term, however, Germany must reestablish its social prosperity, said Lindner. “We’re just getting poorer collectively. We must therefore strengthen our competitiveness so that our economy is in a position to pay higher wages by selling higher-quality products and services.” But first it has to be generated before it can be distributed.

The federal government had decided on numerous reliefs for companies and citizens because the prices, especially for energy, have risen significantly since the start of the Ukraine war in February.