The world health organization (who) called on countries to abandon illusions about winning over the fashion industry and to continue to take measures to curb the spread of infection. About it writes “Interfax” with reference to the Western media.

“People need to Wake up. The numbers don’t lie”, — said the Director of the who programme on emergency situations Michael Ryan, adding that “the real situation” in countries around the world don’t lie.

Who believe that the second wave of the pandemic coronavirus may not be

Many countries have relaxed the restrictive measures previously imposed in the fight against infection. At the end of June, who reported that the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 at the global level is accelerating. The head of the organization Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus said that this is happening despite the fact that the development of a vaccine is in full swing, and many countries have indeed made “some progress” in the fight against the pandemic.

According to recent reports, the world’s 10.9 million infected with the virus. For the entire period of the pandemic have died more than 523 thousand people, 5.8 million recovered.