When we come through here in corona, we’ll keep up with washing your hands 12 times a day? Or we’ve got ourselves a new habit?

I may hysterical, but I feel myself gradually soiled and defiled without. And I take it perhaps with me into the new life.

Other can not exist in the future without having the 72 toilet rolls in the reserve. Crises draws tracks in the us, also on the other side.

video meetings and Skype will hang us out of the neck. The cheered digital contact has finally proved its worth and lost with a bang. We don’t bother to hold several meetings with the staring people. We orcs are no more Facetime, where people can’t control the cell phone, and where you end up with to sit and talk with their refrigerator.

Comfort is greater than ever. Right now, we eat record amounts of meat, chips and chocolate. We pour wine down from the bell 17 on the weekdays, and we netflixer us through a rædselskabinet of bad movies.

I think that it will. We come out the other side with a comfort-needs of a ketchup-effect. We throw ourselves of all that we think we have lost. The food pyramid and the personal trainer should find something else to do in a few years. ‘Pleasure Revenge’ calls the americans the. And they know what needs to be on the front.

Hugs get it to turn hard. Many will, in the course of the crisis realize that it had taken the upper hand.

Corona-the name has no future. Neither to the people, hotels or beer. It will be like the time after the Second world War, when no one was baptized Adolf. How is it still in any degree.

Accountability is here to stay. Right now, we are an extremely conscientious and good people. And the more Mette F commends us to be proficient, the more we feel loved.

So we keep the distance for a long time to come. People will stand and shout to each other from each side of the town hall. On the little beginning itself, just to keep the speed limits. And run with the rear light on the bike. In parcelhusene is there parmiddage with mundbind, which of course also makes it hard to drink out of the fence and kissing on the hostess. We have been responsible.

the Death has also come to be. When this instance, the corona has disappeared, it will go up for us that all the time there are epidemics and diseases, that beats us to death. And that we basically do not otherwise respond to it.

We accepted as late as the previous winter 7.667 affected danes admitted to hospitals without closing a single school. And why, we talked virtually on the 1.644 of them died?

I know that corona is a far more aggressive cousin. I understand the authorities ‘ measures. But how can we say that no human life is too expensive this time, when we do not meant it the other times?

I also understand that the individual will not put the amount on a human life. You just need to know that our authorities do it every day.

Why do the danes f.ex. dispense medication that americans can get. And who do you think, chief physician at the hospital chooses to spend the most money on the infant or oldingen? And did you know that inside in the ministry of Finance in fact is an indicative amount of eur 34 million. dollars for a human life.

Death is here to stay. We must say something about it. We must also say something about the money. It is too easy for us to be limitless sometimes and a little indifferent at other times. For next winter he comes again, the man with the scythe.

Jens Gaardbo Tv-host

Jens Gaardbo is a presenter on TV 2 NEWS. He has previously been a news chief at TV 2 News, but in a period of eight years he left the TV 2 to, among other things, operate its own communications agency. Jens Gaardbo has a subtle humour and a fantastic ability to consider the surroundings and fellow beings. Gaardbo is often antihelten in its own columns. He is often on edge with the passage of the currents and all the modern.