Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz died on Friday night at the age of 78. His employees were informed of his death by email over the weekend. It’s in the short letter.

“Dear cops!” This is the beginning of the email about the death of Dietrich Mateschitz to the employees of his Red Bull group, from which the “Bild” newspaper quotes. “We have to inform you that Dietrich Mateschitz passed away today.”

The letter is 650 characters long. It was written by Mateschitz’ family, his relatives, friends and closest employees. “In these moments, grief covers all other feelings,” it says. “Gratitude” would soon follow. “For what he changed, moved and achieved”. It is now everyone’s job to continue Mateschitz’s life’s work in his spirit.

The “Bild” newspaper continues to quote: “Thank you for supporting us in this. Thank you also for respecting his desire to express your grief quietly and with restraint.”