Emmanuel Macron (41), President of the back to the wall, takes a look at the EU. In an open letter to the “citizens of Europe”, he asks, that Brussels is to reconsider the Schengen-Dublin System””.

The cooperation in the field of security and in the institution of Asylum, need more responsibility and solidarity, the French head of state and calls for a “common border police” and a “European Asylum office”. In Switzerland, even a member of the Schengen-Dublin and, therefore, potentially affected – is this arrogance from Paris is not good (LOOK told).

Paris is Silent

Also: What he imagines specifically, not Macron. The French Ambassador in Bern, Anne Paugam (52), does not help. A question of-VIEW remains unanswered.

Alors, Monsieur le Président, we still have a few questions. Let’s start with the “common border police”. The there are actually. Frontex is the European Agency for the border and coast guard. You can’t, when a Schengen state has enough people to secure its own border, frontier guards of other States to support sending. Switzerland, too, the Frontex for border guards – 16 there are currently.

plans to expand Macron Frontex or by a completely new force to replace? And what exactly is to do? Migrants from the Schengen area keep? Or even hunt for Criminals? Would readjusting then Greek police officers here in the Mafia?

there Is soon to be an EU asylum?

Even more questions to the Macron demanded “European asylum authority”. The French, therefore, to distribute refugees fairly across Europe? In contrast, Eastern European States are fighting back for years, with hands and feet. Not only to the displeasure of France, but also Switzerland. Because of a fair distribution key, we would benefit.

it is a Different matter if the EU is to take away the States ‘ independent asylum procedure. By contrast, Switzerland, would, Europe has far the fastest method, with a safety defend. Just: Want to Macron? There was then EU asylum? The refugees would be entitled to a branch office in the entire Schengen area?

questions, questions. But Paris remains silent.