Women’s singles and highly educated people at the moment have a worse well-being, and relational tensions. That’s one of the things that UAntwerpen research team to pull out a weekly questionnaire about the behavioural changes in the population during the coronacrisis. Also, for the first round are calling for the scientists to survey mass to fill out. That is, it is possible to be between 10 and 22 o’clock today.

The previous Tuesday, took hundreds of thousands of Belgians to be part of decoronastudie, a joint initiative of the University of Antwerp, belgium. Hasselt university and KU Leuven university of the year, the survey already, and now the French-speaking ULB, and her shoulders under the project. Through the questionnaire survey to gauge the scholars to the changes in behaviour under the influence of the corona virus, and the government-imposed measures.

The knowledge of these data is necessary.

prof Philippe Beutels (UNIVERSITY of antwerp)

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“It is important that the participants in the questionnaire on a weekly basis to fill it up,” explains professor Philippe Beutels (UNIVERSITY of antwerp) and from the. “The knowledge of these data is needed. We would like to know how people deal with the crisis, not the least of which is to further the evolution of the epidemic in order to be able to predict, in the hospitals, to help assess what is going to happen, and for the well-being of the population to do the same. On the basis of the feedback received from the participants werdde questionnaire to be sent to the third party golfweer be slightly refined. We have studied the evolution, over the course of time. So, if you’ve already joined: join, now is definitely back with us.”