It was supposed to be a romantic Tuscany wedding, but then it was Sylt: Minister of Finance Christian Lindner and TV reporter Franca Lehfeldt got married yesterday (July 7). Even if the original wedding was canceled, the North Sea wedding does not have to hide.

Because after the somewhat smaller celebration of the civil wedding, the wedding marathon continues on Saturday (July 9th) with the church wedding. Criticism of the costs are loud. This is what comedy star Ilka Bessin (50) said and at the same time started a tax debate – after all, Lindner’s wedding also has consequences for taxpayers.

Ilka Bessin expresses her concern about the burden on citizens in an Instagram post and writes: “I’m currently reading the invitation list for Mr. Christian Lindner’s wedding. Many important guests are coming. Congratulation! I just don’t understand why we have to use our tax money to pay the security forces.”

The “Cindy from Marzahn” actress, who in the show “Mario Barth uncovers!” already denounced construction sins and demanded compensation from politicians, also wants to bring Lindner’s wedding to the show. Comedian Mario Barth’s RTL series wants to uncover cases of tax squandering – for Ilka Bessin, the FDP boss’s Sylt celebrations are such a clear case.

But not everyone jumps on the criticism train: Marco Buschmann (44), Federal Minister of Justice and FDP colleague, defends his parliamentary group leader. He tweeted: “When two people get married, it’s a wonderful thing. Of course there will be celebrations. The best thing to do is to be happy for the spouses. Of course it can also be irrelevant. But if you take offense at this, the best thing to do is find a therapist!”

Has the last word already been spoken here? You will see that after the celebrations of the wedding. Because now all eyes are on the bride, who fascinates with her extraordinary bridal look…

You can read more about the wedding of Christina Lindner and his Franca Lehfeldt here:

It’s the glamor wedding of the year: Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) marries “Welt” journalist Franca Lehfeldt. The starting signal for the celebrations was the civil wedding in the Sylt Museum on Thursday. The bachelorette party continues today. All developments in the live ticker.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) and journalist Franca Lehfeldt will marry on Sylt on Thursday. Together with 140 guests, the bridal couple will celebrate their wedding over several days. Chancellor Scholz is also present.

This dream couple is on cloud nine! For their wedding on Sylt, Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfehldt drew inspiration from a very specific celebrity couple.

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