Tesla boss Elon Musk now has ten children by three women. His father Errol is also a father of seven – and his stepdaughter, who is a good 40 years his junior, is one of the mothers.

Elon Musk and his father Errol Musk are said to have a broken relationship. Apparently, at least the son thinks little of the father and according to “bild.de” he has also described him as “evil” and “terrible human being” in the past. So it doesn’t sound like the two of them regularly go fly fishing together with the picnic basket.

Inner connection or not: There are certain parallels between blood relatives. So Errol, like Elon, is richly blessed with children. He is now said to be the father of seven. However, it is less the sheer number of children that makes the headlines than the most recent relationship itself.

As “bild.de” reports with reference to “The Sun”, Errol only became a father again three years ago. The mother of the child, it is a girl, is his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout. Both had previously had a son together, who was born in 2017.

Stepdaughter Jana, now the mother of two of his children, met Errol when she was only four years old. At that time he married – again after the divorce from Elon’s mother Maye – Jana’s mother Heide. Both also had two children of their own in their 18-year relationship.

Errol Musk reportedly confirmed to The Sun in an interview that his youngest daughter was born three years ago. That was not planned and he no longer lives with Jana, not least because of the enormous age difference. However, their relationship is good.

In any case, Errol Musk should not regret the blessing of children. The online edition of “Bild” quotes him as saying: “We are only here on earth to reproduce.” His eloquent son Elon could hardly have put it better.

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