Republican US governors are currently transporting thousands of refugees to democratic cities and simply dropping them off there. It is a perfidious shipping of people that is bringing New York to the brink of collapse.

The refugee crisis in the USA is coming to a head. Ever since the republican governor from Texas had buses transporting migrants to democratic cities, New York in particular has been reaching the limits of its resilience. Over 42,000 migrants have now come to the metropolis – the city hardly seems able to take in any more. Some emergency shelters are now being set up in bus stations.

Actually, liberal New York is proud of its reputation as an immigrant stronghold. But now even the democratic mayor is appealing to President Joe Biden to take action against the influx of migrants. Many Republicans are happy about that. Does the perfidious transport of people show its effect after all? Has your calculation worked out?

At the beginning of the week, chaotic scenes took place in front of a hotel in Hell’s Kitchen. Migrants in the New York borough refused to move to Brooklyn from their previous hotel accommodations in Manhattan. There, a former bus station was converted into a huge emergency camp. But many prefer to sleep in tents on the street.

On average, around a million migrants come to the United States every year. At the US-Mexico border, 6,000 to 7,000 people are trying to enter the country every day. In protest at the Biden government’s migration policy, the Republican governor from Texas began busing migrants to major Democratic cities last summer. Later, Greg Abbot’s Republican counterparts in Florida and Arizona followed suit. Some of the people were dropped off on the street in the middle of the night.

In perfidious actions, whole busloads full of asylum seekers were transported to the front door of Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in the capital. An unannounced plane with migrants also landed on the small posh island of Nantucket near Boston. Critics spoke of inhuman PR campaigns. Republicans, on the other hand, hoped to increase the pressure on the White House in this way. Your request to the government: to crack down on illegal border crossings.

Thousands of migrants have now flown from US border areas to Democratic cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington. But with currently 42,000 asylum seekers, no other major American city is reaching the limits of its resilience like New York City, where more than 3,000 migrants recently arrived in just one week.

“We are on the verge of a breaking point,” Democratic Mayor Eric Adams warned. As a major exception among his party comrades, and in rare agreement with Republicans, he urged the Biden administration to take more effective action.

Adams also accused the Republican Party of blocking planned, comprehensive updates to US migration laws. Nevertheless, the Republicans’ calculations seem to have worked, at least in part: while Adams initially sharply criticized the Texas governor, he recently traveled not only to an area on the southwest border to see the situation on site for himself.

To the delight of many Republicans, he also asked on an MSNBC talk show, “What are the immediate proposed solutions?” If my house is on fire, I don’t want to hear about fire prevention.” And at a mayors’ meeting in Washington, the Democrat personally appealed to the president to relieve cities of their additional spending on migrants.

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For New York City, these have already totaled over $300 million. Authorities report unprecedented record numbers of migrants in over 80 hotels and newly built emergency shelters. In addition, the city pays for their meals, their legal counsel and the school care of their children.

Some migrants complain. The food often consists of moldy bread, Akon Diedonne complained in the New York Times: “It’s very difficult – some days we don’t eat anything at all.” The 41-year-old fled from Haiti via Brazil to San Diego, California and now lives there at a hotel in Manhattan.

Ismael Guevara, who fled Venezuela, described much more positive experiences. The 48-year-old told the daily newspaper that he likes the accommodation in a hotel in Midtown that is now closed to tourists. After just two months, he feels more at home in New York every day: “I already know my way around and I no longer get lost. I’m doing well. i feel calm I want to stay here.”

Just a month after his arrival, the trained hairdresser found a job in a salon, he says – now all he needs is the necessary documents. “Then I want to open my own hair salon. It should bear my name one day.”