Small mountain village Tubemake in Dagestan, the head of which medzhid Medzhidov in the period of a pandemic, talked about the mass illness of the villagers coronavirus, abnormal mortality, the shortage of doctors and medicines, many funds and volunteers now offer their help. When we contacted the head of the rural settlement, he could not speak, lying under a dropper.

About the situation in the village where there is a difficult epidemiologic situation on community-acquired pneumonia, said the head of the medical clinic, Mahometan Magaramov.

Coronavirus and got to the mountain villages of Dagestan. Tubemake village, located 10 kilometers from the city center Akusha, and 130 kilometers away from Makhachkala, is now virtually cut off from the outside world. April 24 was banned entry and exit from the village. Now only to miss the car “emergency” assistance, gazelles food, medicines and essential goods.

the head of the village Tubemake medzhid Medzhidov said in his address that of 2650 people in the village almost a third of the cold sore-viral diseases, while tests for coronavirus just yet. Now he came down with fever. When we phoned him, he was on a drip. We also tried to contact the Director of the local school, the K. Yahya Huseynov. But he was in the district hospital, so he was wheezing and coughing, he could not utter a word.

-in our village of nearly 770 people – pensioners, many centenarians. During the epidemic in the coronavirus, they all were at risk, says head of rural medical clinic Mahometan Magaramov. – We have a big migration in the village there is no work. Many go to work in neighboring regions: in Stavropol Krai, in the Rostov region. That brought us to the mountains coronavirus. However, tests are not carried out, so we don’t know who is infected.

the head of the rural settlements reported that in the village a year died of 15-17 people, and now only last month you was buried 12 of the villagers.

– Almost all who died were elderly. They had chronic diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, someone moved two or three strokes. There were those who came to the Central district hospital with symptoms of pneumonia. The youngest of the women who died April 28, was 56 years old.

In the village there was an acute shortage of medicines. Necessary medicines was not in Akushinskiy pharmacy management or in levashinsky district. People had to travel to Makhachkala. Only for week from 22 to 28 April in our medical clinic turned 77 local residents. Of these, 23 people in serious condition were hospitalized in the Akusha district Central hospital. Therefore, had blocked the road.

Now the situation is normalized?

– Yes, such a panic and such a mortality that was before, not now. After treatment of the head of the village Council to the government of Dagestan, in Tebenyaki was sent mobile medical complex with the dosage. Now your item is a survey of the population. We also brought protection, means of disinfection, as well as antiviral and antibiotics. I call the representatives of various funds, to offer their help. Of course, we could use the extra working hands and medical supply of medicines. We are ready to accept the “troops” of physicians.

How many people work in a rural outpatient clinic?

– One doctor and 4 nurses. Now outpatient care is 25 people. More recently, when there was a shortage of medicines, patients was 80. We have pharmacies in the village, but all the necessary medicines we give out for free.

– What’s with the head of the village Council, which is on a drip with a temperature?

– When a person is put on a drip, it does not mean that he is “last breath”. We do drip, in particular, to support immunity, for prevention. As for the headmaster, whom you have called, it the last few years is very sick, has transferred three operations.

country doctor Mahometan Magaramov says that it is not necessary to call their village a hotbed of coronavirus. According to the physician, there is the village in Dagestan where the situation epidemiological situation even more tense. There hurts more people and the death rate is higher than Tubemake. Only the head of the village Council to keep silent, afraid of being isolated.