A slew of fireball reports flooded in from across Japan over the weekend, with sightings of bright green lights in cities like Osaka, Nagoya, and Gifu.

The fireball appeared to rain down over Japan’s southwestern Wakayama prefecture, illuminating the night sky with a brilliant but short-lived flash of light in the early hours of November 29. 

The celestial spectacle was captured on dozens of dash cams, doorbell cams and cctv footage across the southern islands of Japan.



Hiratsuka City Museum curator Daichi Fujii said the fireball was as bright as the full moon for a brief moment.

#火球#隕石#流れ星#天体観測#ドラレコ 世界侵略ロサンゼルス決戦観てたら火球来た。流れ星見ようと思っても中々見れないのに。そして、まぁまあ綺麗に撮れてた(๑>◡<๑)


The intense flash likely marked the fiery end of the meteorite but several experts contacted by the Associated Press claim it’s possible some small fragments of the meteorite may have found their way to the ground.

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