Protesters have assembled at the home of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stringing up blow-dryers and curlers from a tree while demanding salons reopen after the lawmaker was caught flouting Covid-19 rules for a hair appointment.

A crowd was seen outside Pelosi’s San Francisco home on Thursday, protesting after the Democrat was spotted getting her hair done at a salon shuttered under coronavirus restrictions earlier this week.

Protesters have gathered in front of Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and are stringing up curlers and blow dryers on a tree after a video surfaced of Pelosi getting her hair done indoors/maskless at a SF salon

HAIR DRYER PROTEST:Protestors gather outside of @SpeakerPelosi house in #SanFrancisco. They chant about freedom and place hair dryers on a tree.WATCH 4PM Press Conference from SF eSalon Owner Respond to Pelosi on #CBSNBayArea at

Videos shared on social media showed demonstrators – described by a local reporter as “angry salon customers” – hanging blow-dryers and hair curlers from a tree near Pelosi’s home, as well as a number of impromptu speeches delivered by protesters, who blasted the Speaker’s Monday salon visit as hypocritical and demanded she “get back to work.”

The official remarks from the demonstration are over, now the group is split in two discussing their opinions of Nancy Pelosi and the salon video situation

People upset with Nancy Pelosi violating a local health order during a recent salon visit are protesting outside her home in San Francisco

“I just want to say one thing to Nancy Pelosi: Get out of the salon and get back to work and pass a Covid relief bill in Washington,” one protester said through a megaphone, drawing cheers from the crowd. “Work with the Republicans, work with the Democrats, work with the Independents, we don’t care. Get the job done.”

None of these demonstrators in front of Nancy Pelosi’s home are salon owners or workers. They’ve all described themselves “angry salon customers” who want to get their hair and nails done

The tree of blow dryers and curlers has been decorated with an American flag and dubbed the Freedom Tree by protestors in front of Nancy Pelosi’s home

Protesters also voiced outrage over continued business closures in San Francisco amid the Covid-19 crisis, one saying: “We cannot work, we want to work. We want our hair done, we want our nails done. We want to socialize, we want freedom!”

Pelosi’s salon appointment kicked off a rash of controversy this week, with critics pointing to the Speaker’s staunch support for lockdowns despite ignoring the rules herself. Pelosi has rejected the criticism and refused to apologize while insisting she was “set up” by the owner of the salon, claiming she was led to believe the appointment would not violate Covid-19 restrictions.

Earlier on Thursday, Pelosi’s hair stylist backed up the Speaker’s story, saying the owner of the salon indeed misled her, and that a “set up” was the goal all along. The business owner, Erica Kious, who rented space in her establishment to Pelosi’s stylist, says she was only informed of the appointment the night prior and was unable to stop it, denying the allegations of a frame-up.

Kious has since been forced to relocate her business after receiving “many death threats,”according to a GoFundMe set up for her benefit by Amy Tarkanian, the wife of former Nevada State Senator Danny Tarkanian.

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