A video from Ocean City, Maryland, has captured a massive fireworks explosion on the beach. Reports say a truck packed to the brim for 4th of July celebrations was the source of the blast.

Independence Day celebrations got off to an unplanned start in Ocean City on Sunday, when an enormous fireworks explosion rocked the beach in the popular resort town. 

The footage caught a tower of smoke rising from the beach, as fireworks cracked and screamed in all directions.

Fireworks went off in Ocean City this morning on the beach, down by the inlet. Not sure if there are any injuries. Video taken by my sister-in-law.

So this just happened in Ocean City, MD.

Media reports suggest that a truck carrying fireworks, possibly for a display scheduled for Sunday evening, was the source of the explosion. Photos taken in the aftermath show a scorched truck and several burned out boxes strewn across the sand.

Looks like Ocean City, MD won’t be having fireworks tonight. I really hope this whole section was roped off all morning long and no one was hurt. We have our @7NewsDC camera pointed there here:

So far, there has been no information on whether anyone was hurt in the explosion.

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