Activists were filmed fist-fighting and erecting barricades across the streets in central Portland, Oregon. They’d attacked the city’s courthouse and clashed with US marshals the previous night.

Journalist Andy Ngo shared clips of protesters, whom he identified as local Antifa members, picking up fence sections and roadblocks and using them to erect barricades. 

Antifa in Portland are stealing fencing material and other public property to build a wall around their street occupation.

Antifa in downtown Portland are making their wall taller.

Another clip showed protesters engaging in a brawl.

With no police around to attack tonight in downtown Portland, antifa fought each other.

Protesters gathered downtown, starting small fires and burning US flags.

Militant antifa have again gathered outside the Justice Center in downtown after attacking a courthouse yesterday. They’re moving barricades into the street & are burning US flags in the fountain that used to house the elk statue before it was torched.

An anti-racism and anti-police-brutality protest descended into clashes with police on Thursday night. Rioters threw rocks, bottles, and fireworks at the officers. They also attacked a federal courthouse and started a small fire inside, before being dispersed by US marshals defending the building. Around 10 people were arrested during the riots. 

Last month, the activists set up a so-called “autonomous zone” known as CHAZ/CHOP in downtown Seattle, Washington. The enclave was cleared by police on July 1, after a string of shootings resulting in two murders rocked the area.

A wave of protests has been sweeping major American cities ever since the death of unarmed black man George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in May. Peaceful rallies and marches were often followed by fierce rioting and looting.

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